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“Dedicated to finding effective solutions for bird mite infestations of humans and their environment, encouraging those afflicted, facilitating research and a better understanding of human parasitosis.”

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Thank you for the wonderful site. I’ve been afflicted with what I thought were scabies mites on and off for over 3 months now. After finding your site, I realized the mites were of the bird variety. I’ve been through all the toxic scabies treatments to no avail. What works are enzymes, Borax, DE, and Dawn. Dawn dish detergent uses enzymes to break down the exoskeleton of these little bastards (paybacks are a bitch) effectively killing them. J.

Free at last. Your site was very helpful. Doctors alerted me, but until identified by an entomologist no one knew what to do. Once identified, I found your website and began to resolve the problem. I gave the list of acceptable pesticides to Orkin, with whom I’d been working for nine months… at last success. I don’t usually write or blog, but until you helped me I was lost. Through every step of this process of discovery, I turned to Christ. I prayed daily for guidance and as always, the solutions were found with His help. K.

Thank you for your dedicated support to those of us who are desperate to find answers and find none in the medical community, the pest control industry-and even very little from entomologists and the CDC. You are a lifeline to so many of us-thank you so much! J.

Thank you for understanding what I have had to suffer with in silence since 2004. Starling bird mites bit me and since then, I’ve gone completely bald and had my hair grow back abnormally. I now have the fibers and symptoms of Morgellons. I only found out there were others suffering in 2006 when I was watching the American news at 4am over here in Australia, and saw ‘the fiber disease’ as they put it; saying these people were labeled as crazy. That was my first relief. It is what I am going through also. I was then hugely frustrated because I saw that the people with this didn’t know the cause. Mine for a fact started with these bird mites 2 yrs ago. I am glad to find all of you and also others who have the prolonged condition labeled Morgellons; so I now am able to relax to an extent knowing that at least the facts are getting out there! Bless you all, and thank you again for letting the truth start to be heard. S., Australia

The suggestion to use Dawn dishwashing liquid was a God-send. I don’t know why it is not in huge bold type on the top of your home page? For the first time in 3 weeks my nose has stopped itching. I used it almost full strength to wash down all my bedroom furniture, floor and walls, our bathroom and kitchen. The feather tickles on our legs are gone also. I don’t know how long it will last, but I will do it as often as I need to. I have mixed some in a spray bottle, and sprayed all around the air conditioner, the back of furniture, and under the bed. I lightly sprayed upward over all the area rugs downstairs, and let the mist float down and coat the top, then vacuumed about half hour later. Luckily, about 90% of our house is hardwood flooring. Finally, I do not feel like I am constantly sharing my space with some unseen ‘friends’. I am going to use it as a pre-soak for washing all our clothes, and tonight I even plan to spray myself as I get into the shower. This is the best and cheapest solution I could ever find! Thank you, thank you again. L.

You are truly a Godsend and an answer to many prayers. Before finding your site I was truly in despair and there was no light at the end of the veritable tunnel. This experience has changed my way of thinking about my health and life in general and I am excited to have found such a valuable resource as to help me through this ordeal. I have been reduced to wearing a baseball cap in public due to the infestation of the scalp. I am a public figure due to my business and constantly on the TV news and in newspapers so my appearance is unfortunately very important to my survival. Thank you, A.

One night I took a high powered flashlight and went to check out my bed. I thought I would DIE when I saw millions of black dots walking on my pillowcase, sheets, mattress etc. I flipped out and sprayed everything with Oxyclean and called the PCO. He already knew we had these bird mites. I told him I have been laying my head on a pillow full of those little SOB’s. Another doctor felt I had gotten Histoplasmosis from these monsters. Anyway, last weekend I boarded out my birds and I went to a hotel and the place was totally sprayed for parasites, and cages set up and windows fixed etc. This is the first time in close to 6 months that I am healthy and not sleep deprived, or wheezing, and of course not depressed. Tell everyone out there to PLEASE call an exterminator or someone familiar with these little monsters. It’s a job to wash everything and I have no washer or dryer, and to move things and board our pets, etc…but it’s worth it big time. Your website helped me with this and I want to thank you. Miteless In Mass. K.

Thank You for your website! It was very helpful to have so much information in one place! Our story: Recently my wife and I were itching and scratching every time we went into the garden, and after doing some research decided we might have chiggers in our lawn. Luckily for us a neighbor is an entomologist, and after collecting some samples from my arm with masking tape and taking them to him, he told me they were bird mites. This was the clue I needed, and I immediately realized that the seemingly harmless Mynah bird nest in our roof/attic must be the source of our irritation. Sure enough when I climbed up to the nest site the mites were visibly pouring out of it. I had to tear open some boards to get at it, and found a dead bird within, and mites swarming everywhere. With the help of your website I was able to formulate a plan. This included Murphy’s Oil Soap solution, Sulfur, Diatomaceous Earth and even Arrid Deodorant. Removing the birds nest was an essential first step. The Sulfur really helped kill them at the nest as well. As an extra step I sprinkled the DE around the yard and attic in areas I thought might have been affected. We already seem to have controlled them somewhat, but it is only day two of my treatment plan. I sure hope I got them all before they moved into the house! The deodorant is really helpful for the itching as well. I think early detection and removal of the source is crucial, but after reading some of the other stories I am crossing my fingers and praying that this doesn’t go on for weeks, months, or years. Thanks again for making this information available! P.

When two rock pigeon’s started their courtship on our balcony I thought – Ah sweet. They made a nest in a pot plant on the balcony and laid 2 eggs. The chicks hatched and we watched as the parents took turns feeding and caring for them. Little did I know I was to going to hate these birds. The one morning I woke up to something crawling across my face I brushed it away and again I felt a crawling. And in my hair crawling – Argh!

I looked on my white pillow and saw it covered in little bugs. I collected some on some sticky tape and took it to the pharmacist who confirmed my suspicions – bird mites! I happened on this site. Your help has been incredible, I went home and fumigated, vacuumed the carpets, laundered bedding, washed down the balcony and got mite spray from a pet store. By now the babies were fully grown with all their feathers, so we shooed them away and threw away the pot plants, put up bird detractors. I think I have got rid of them, and learnt not to let birds roost near us ever again! Thanks to your site. T., South Africa

Have been struggling with this horrible affliction since moving to my house 18 months ago, a nightmare that fills my waking moments and those few hours of sleep I manage to snatch each night. Interestingly this has led me down many paths not the least of which the discovery that the medical profession is uneducated largely here in Australia regarding the problem – moreover the readiness to jump to conclusions that my problems are psychiatric! Even suffered the indignity of having a dermatologist arrogantly prescribe an extremely strong and dangerous antipsychotic whilst telling me the medication was specifically intended to “kill” the mites from the inside. I am starting to wonder if the real reason my house’s former occupant committed suicide was related to the mites? Now it is all starting to make sense and your site has helped me immensely to understand that I’m not alone in this bizarre situation. Now to educate the rest of the populace! A., Western Australia

I have lived with this nightmare for years, since doves and pigeons nested in the void utility space in my apartment in LA., infesting the apartment. And now pigeons and doves have entered the attic of my home here in AL., causing an infestation of this house. The problem has been so bad that at times I seriously thought I was cursed for having done some terrible deed. Now your site has given me some hope. I adopted a cat, thinking that a companion animal would help with the depression, but now I see that she is suffering, too. I can’t bear the thought of this sweet innocent little feline being tormented like I’ve been. At least I’ve found your web site and bookmarked it so I can look at it further tomorrow. Thanks again. J.

I just want to say “thank you” for sharing your stories and strategies for getting rid of these awful pests! We live in a three-story condo, with the kitchen and main living area on the second floor. Some time in June birds built a nest in the window box off the kitchen window. At first, we thought it was great to watch the baby birds…then I noticed tiny little creatures coming in the window. I immediately closed the window and kept it closed, realizing that they were mites. I called a company who specialize in birds and exterminating. They never returned my call. I then tried the wildlife center, who informed me that to remove the nest was against the law. They suggested that I tape off the window, but that there wasn’t anything else I could do. Honestly, I didn’t want the birds to die, so I ignorantly left them. I now wish that I had just got rid of them, knowing what I know now. Mites are persistent! After reading info on this site, I’m going to try this again, but with the recommended fogger. I seem to be the only one in my family who is itching. I’ve lost sleep and thought I was just being ridiculous. I now have ear itching and I believe they are on me. It is totally disgusting. I look forward to trying all other suggestions. I had already thought to buy the coal tar shampoo, thinking that if it wasn’t mites (and not dandruff), that it might be another skin irritation. I’m hoping this is the end of this. T.

I just wanted to write and express my gratitude. Last year in the summer, I was diagnosed with scabies and it was a living nightmare going through what it took to get rid of them. Today I realized they had returned, and I found that odd. Then I realized that I could see them so easily (I actually caught one in the act of test biting me), and it was a tell tale sign it wasn’t scabies. I looked it up in Wikipedia to be more certain and had seen a note “often confused with bird mites.” I then realized that there was a bird nest on each of the a/c units on my apartment complex. So last summer and this summer I was basically blowing bird mites into and all over my apartment when I switched on the air!! They were creeping in through the screens too. The photos on your site and others identify the little creepers that I captured. The information you provided was also quite helpful. It’s amazing how akin some of the symptoms and solutions to bird mites are to those for scabies. There is an over the counter product I think called Raid Max that I used last time around and it was AMAZINGLY effective for my apartment. It’s a do it yourself fumigation style thing and you get three canisters per box for a very reasonable price which was plenty for my two bedroom apartment. It’s still cheaper than hiring a pro if you trust yourself to find all their hiding spots. Of course I realize now it helps to remove the source of the problem first!!! Thanks T.

Thanks for your advice, over the last week I have been vacuuming everyday and I found a mite spray for bird cages which I have been spraying everywhere! The good news is that I think I have got rid of them, the last 2 days have been itch-free! If it wasn’t for your website I probably wouldn’t have taken any action because I read an article that said that bird mites will die after 10 days without a bird host. So, I hope that life can go back to normal now, although I have a new hatred for pigeons! B

This Thursday, while pet sitting for a friend, I took down a fern that a pigeon had been nesting in to water and clean out all the dead stalks for her. Shortly thereafter, I began to itch and took a look at the nest on the paper plate I had left it on to shown my grandchildren. There were many tiny bugs on the plate. Overnight I broke out in tiny red spots with some welts under my arms and around my waist. It’s now Sunday morning, I have more bites that itch like crazy and creepy crawling sensations on my body. I’m very glad I looked this up on the web and found your site. Since my children and grandchildren live with me, along with 4 dogs, 3 cats and two birds, the spread potential is scary. Thank you for the information and the resource you provide. I’ll try the cures and keep you posted on what works for me. J

I’m glad you’ve provided a forum for people that have this scourge. Many times they are diagnosed with (delusory) parasitosis and they get absolutely no help or support. You’re providing a great service! Thanks again, M

Thanks again for the website! It helps to know that there are others who can share their experience and what has worked for them! D

First. Thank you so much for putting this site together. I was literally going out of my mind (everyone’s starting sentence I am sure) before I was recommended to see your site. I had done so many of the things recommended just through trial and error it was a little eerie reading the suggestions and the posts. Thank you for all of your help. You are definitely giving a great service to the world. M.

Recommended Treatment Provider

We recommend you use a licensed professional to address a bird mite problem. Don’t wait or the problem will get much worse and more expensive to treat. We have a list of pest control companies that are specifically qualified to treat bird mites.

  • They come to your house for no charge and give a free estimate.
  • Even if you decide not to use them, you get free professional advice.
  • Most pest control companies have never dealt with bird mites before. You need to use a bird mite specialist.

Follow this link to find a Qualified Local Exterminator near you.

Keep in mind that if bird mites are not treated correctly, even if the correct chemicals are used, they can become resistant to those chemicals. Don’t use a pest control company unless they have extensive experience treating bird mites.



“You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.”
–Psalm 10:17

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"If someone would have told me a bird mite affliction could happen to a person, I would probably not have believed them. Except that it has happened to me and it is the worst torment a person can endure." T.

"The prayers sent to God are often answered in the kindness of strangers."