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Please note that the strategies mentioned on the forum may not always be safe or effective, and are not necessarily endorsed by It is often out of frustration, and the lack of answers by the medical community and others, that people will resort to unorthodox or unproven remedies for this affliction. However, it is felt that we are best served when we can share our experiences and solutions with each other.


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One thing that seems to be helping our bird mite problem (from a mourning dove nest) is Lysol spray. Yesterday I saw mites crawling on my dresser and had a can of Lysol handy, so sprayed them and they stopped dead. I didn’t wipe them up right away because I wanted to find out if they were dead or just merely stunned. Several hours later, they were still there not moving, so I wiped them up with Clorox wipes (as an extra precaution). I found mites on the silk drapes in my bedroom and sprayed the drapes front and back with Lysol (which didn’t stain the drapes), the mites stopped moving and I haven’t seen any on the drapes today. We started having the problem a couple of days ago, which is in timing with the babies leaving the nest, so think we discovered the problem early in the infestation. An interesting note, I had sprayed another group of mites with a bleach and water mix and while it stunned them, they were still moving and trying to swim in the mix, with Lysol, they appear to stop dead. Anyway, it might be worth a try for others. So far today I have found only one mite (I’m sure there are more out there; however, yesterday I was seeing them everywhere). Other things we used during our cleaning frenzy yesterday are Dawn dish soap, bleach/water as mentioined before, vaccuuming and lots of clothes, sheet and towel washing, and clorox wipes. Good luck all. V.


I suffered very badly from a bird mite infestation last year which went on for months and I eventually got my apartment sprayed for a second time with something that seemed to work, although the mites were not completely eradicated as they were still in some of my clothing. The problem was therefore on-going. Early on, someone had suggested going to a homeopath. I had rejected this idea and eventually found that putting sea salt in the bath was the most effective way of treating the problem. Swimming in the sea had the same effect. Recently I visited a homeopath for another reason and was given Natrum Muriaticum 1M. I took two of the little white pills and have not felt a mite on me since, and it turns out that this remedy is sourced from rock salt. Although homeopathic remedies are supposed to be very specific to each individual, I wonder whether this treatment could work for others and it would certainly save a lot of pain and expense? I wish that I had visited the homeopath in the beginning. I hope that this is helpful for anyone suffering with this horrendous problem. E.


I have slept thru the night for the last 2 nights, after not sleeping much for the last 7 weeks, since this mite problem began! I am feeling so much better, and want to share this so others can do this, too. A pharmacist gave me pills with Ivermectina (oral Ivermectin), to kill any eggs in my body. It is sold under brand names Stromectol in the United States, Mectizan in Canada by Merck and Ivexterm in Mexico by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. I found the same ingredient, Ivermectrina (Spanish version, I am in Costa Rica) in the agro-vet store here, in a cream for cats called Endovet cream, to apply once a week for 6 weeks. The clerk who sold it to me said a man used it on himself and his dogs weekly for more than the 6 weeks, and it was the only treatment that helped him. Like the rest of us, he had been suffering for 2 months, wasting lots of $ on doctors and fumigation, and no results until this.

The pharmacist also gave me a dust mite treatment to put on my bed and around the house, it is called Acarosan in Spanish, this may have helped also. There was still itching yesterday, so I used my relief strategy of sulfur powder mixed with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). I put some in a grocery bag, turned my head upside down, and put all my hair in, tightened it around the bottom, and shook it thru my hair, then used my fingers thru the tightly closed bag to massage thru my hair. These treatments are definitely reducing the severity and the agony. I have now gone from agony to just mild discomfort in two days!!! Sulfur was widely used before penicillin, and this powder will clear skin problems in 24 hours.

I wash clothes and stop the cycle in the middle, and soak the clothes for an hour to drown the mites. I put baking soda in a salt shaker, and sprinkle on the furniture, the counters, mattresses, in between all bedding, and all around the floors and into the closet, and over hanging clothes. After the clothes dry, I pack them in a plastic bag with the whole set of clothes for the day; undies, shirt, pants, and long sleeved shirt. Then I add a sprinkling of baking soda and some sulfur powder, close the bag tightly and shake. Then I will leave the closed bag on a shelf, and it will stay uncontaminated until I use it. Bit by bit, I am going to bag and sprinkle these powders into all my clothes, and store them all in plastic bags. Blessings to all! J.


This problem started real gradual for me, and built up into my current nightmare. I believe the mites came in on my indoor/outdoor cat. She would then sleep on my couch and bed and shed mites. I started getting bites and thought it was fleas. I remember the morning I woke up with a sense of having things crawling all over me, and being dirty and infested. I still had no idea what I was dealing with. I bought some flea foggers and resolved to bomb the house. I bombed the house 6 times total, with no success. I finally realized I was dealing with something other then fleas. I used advantage flea treatment several times on my cats but it didn’t stop me from getting bit. I started getting the creepy crawling sensation at night, as well as an increase in bites. The insomnia and sleep deprivation make me so tired, some days I can’t even manage my basic routine. Currently, I’m in my apartment with Borax and flea powder all over the carpet, which I’m afraid to vacuum up. It was helping a lot for a while, but seems less effective now. The mites did infest my car.

I’m hoping if I put all my stuff in storage and start fresh it would help a lot. These bugs have taken over my life of late. I feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare. I have thrown out my futon couch and futon cushions. I broke down my bed, washed all my bedding, and put it in plastic bags in the closet. I got mothballs for all closets. I got an air mattress, and I sleep on the air mattress in my sleeping bag. This seemed to be working for a while, but they seem to have finally infested my sleeping bag. I got Frontline and Revolution for the cats. The Frontline seemed to work for a while, then seemed to stop. When I used Revolution, the mites seemed to move to the cats ears, and they started shaking their heads a lot. I am now alternating Frontline and Revolution every week. Doesn’t seem to do much, but I hope and pray it will work if I can just get control of the mites in the environment. She wheezes, I worry they are in her lungs.

Because the mites are most active from 1am to 5 am, I have been going to bed at 7 or 8 am. I wake about 4 or 5 pm. Sometimes as I’m just dozing off, a mite will crawl in my ear or nose, waking me up. It is such an invasion, it is hard to get back to sleep. These bugs truly are devils. I take a shower, using some products to help clean mites off me that I read about on the internet. I have a 24 hour fitness membership, and I can feel clean and normal for a couple hours if I go swim in the pool and hot tub. I’m hoping the chlorine kills them off. I notice if I’ve been bit, the areas where I was bit will sting from the chlorine. It is hard to make additional headway with this problem when I’m constantly tired and sleep deprived and my current routine is so time consuming. No one seems to know about this problem or understand how devastating it is. Even when I can get to sleep, I have horrible nightmares. There is seemingly no escape from the hell my life has become lately. I pray constantly, and hope there is a solution, I will be able to beat these things, and look back in a couple years and maybe even laugh about this. But right now it is a living hell. Thank you for your site, you are a godsend. T.


I have been dealing with this for 8 months; it wouldn’t have been so long if I hadn’t been misdiagnosed as having scabies! I had the red itchy bumps for months then they went away and they traveled to my scalp, face and nose. And now I have them in my left ear. Nobody, unless they experience it, can know the distress of it! I sit here now hoping and praying that the dose of Stromectol will help that I took this morning. My pharmacist says more people are starting to see this problem in my area of central Florida on the east coast. Here is a good tip; last week I put mothballs all around the house, make sure they are in the box or up real high because they are toxic to pets, also use dryer sheets, the fragrant ones work best. I put these in the cushions of all my furniture and even in the bed at night. There is a marked difference in the house, I don’t feel any crawlies or bites at night…if only our grandparents remedies had been stored in vaults!!! I have also used DE (food grade), and 20 Mule Team Borax on carpets. I have ordered Pestene from Australia to sprinkle in the corners of each room. They have used it for years now with no bird mite problems! Thank God I read this site. I will never feed the wild birds again! I will let God have his job back! God Bless and Good Luck. I.


I hope this helps some of you out there suffering. I have had birdmites to deal with since May 2007 and as of today I am finally mite free! I have done so many dangerous things to kill these things. I had enough; I am going to college and got tired of them altering my life. The best thing to do and you have to do this, is pull up any and all carpet, wash only clothes you wear and put in totes. Take down all curtains. I bought some anhydrous lanolin and put black walnut oil or olive oil in it. You have to melt it down by placing the container on the stove in a pan and heat on low. Put this on you every night and especially the private areas of your body. I also wear a maxi pad to bed. My nerves had gotten so bad from dealing with these…I thought I was actually at stupid’s door. Also, have the doctor write you a mild script for Xanax. Our house was sprayed with something called Steri-Fab. I have been 2 weeks symptom free. I am just so excited. I am so relieved and happy and want everyone else to be also. No one should have to live with this. S.


I wanted to submit this message to anyone that suspects they have bird mites. I’m an educated professional, single male making 180k a year that was living a great life until the bird mites appeared four years ago. Four years ago I bought beautiful house in a warm, tropical climate. Life was great, then I came back from a month long trip to find birds had nested in two of the fan ducts of my bathrooms and next to the air-conditioner intake. The first night, I laid down to go to bed was the first time I felt it. That horrible feeling like something very slight was crawling on my skin especially my face and hair. The next day I noticed my first bites. Like the start of a pimple but I knew they must have been some kind of a bit because they were not there when I went to bed.

Please note, I’m a pretty good looking guy that cares about his appearance, like we all do I guess, so this really bothered me to have these big red bites on my face and neck. The more I messed with them, the more infected they became. This went on for about a month even after I removed the nests and at the time I did not associate the bites with the birds nests. It then became increasingly bad, more itching, more bites, infected bites, bites in and around my eyelids, inside my nose etc. Anyone that has these knows what I’m talking about. I went to important meetings with big bite marks on my face. I went to countless events and social functions and could not enjoy myself because my whole body itched. I felt terrible and tired due to lack of sleep and infected bites on my face, neck and chest. Even though I train regularly, don’t drink or smoke, my health diminished dramatically because of lack of quality sleep and stress. Big circles under my eyes and my hair started to gray very fast. The only relief I would get was when I went away and washed all my clothes I had in my suitcase and stuck the suitcase away. Then after a few days the bites would stop.

In an effort to keep this short, this is a list of what I did in an effort to rid myself of this problem: I paid someone to remove all the nests. I paid someone to come with a microglass and scan my house until they found these. They used tape to catch and then to show me. I paid someone to cut down two large trees near my house. I paid someone to cut back all the brush around my house. I paid someone to boil every piece of clothes I had. I took all my clothes to have dry cleaned. I paid a company to come and steam clean all my furniture. In four years I spent over $4 thousand dollars on pest control companies. I bought natural cleaners and all those products on the internet that were supposed to kill mites to the tune of about $1.300. I had my house tented to the tune of about $2400.

In the end I spent over $12,000 USD and hundreds of hours and weekends trying to fix this problem. Finally, this was my solution and I’m happy and relieved to say it has worked $100%. I sold my house. Put every piece of everything I owned in storage, including TVs, furniture, golf clubs, all my clothes, books…EVERYTHING. I bought a new house, and started my life again without a single piece of anything from my old house. Before I went into my new house, I went to the beach, showered each day with anti lice shampoo, threw out all my clothes, and bought new ones. When I came into my new house, I was clean, I was mite free and the house was also. It has been over three months now. Not a single bite, not a single itch, nothing. I lost all my possessions and had to start my life again but I will tell you it was worth it. Again, for those of you reading this site, who think people with this affliction are crazy, like I did when I first read these type of sites, I’m not crazy and neither are the other people with this affliction. The only thing I can do is to offer the advice I have given here and wish you the best in your fight against these things. T.


My husband and I have been battling an invisible bug for about 4 months – at first we thought it was fleas and had the exterminator out twice, then thought it might be mites – had another exterminator out who said he’d try, but after the third visit, refunded 1/2 of our money and said he didn’t know what to do. As stated on the website, most exterminators know little about mites – he used a pyrethrin. We’ve fogged the attic and entire house twice with Cedarcide and used a hose sprayer with their lawn product in the yard. That helped for about two days. Cedarcide has no residual properties. It does seem to knock out the ones it comes into contact with when sprayed on the floors and furniture and we’ve had good results when we spray this on our cloth sofa and mattress.

We vacuum, sweep and swifter mop kitchen and bathroom floors with Pine Sol. We spot spray with alcohol the cloth sofa and chair, sheets, pillows and quilt prior to going to bed and use Borax on the carpets. Personal care products include Listerene just prior to showering, tea tree oil shampoo and gel for bites and itching. We spray liberally with alcohol (taking care not to get in eyes and try not to breath vapors) – we wipe our face, eyebrows and use alcohol in the ears (sometimes I’ve used tea tree oil in the ears but it seems to burn a bit). After showering, I spray down the shower with Windex. We spray our flip-flops with alcohol and apply Vicks VapoRub in the nostrils with a Q-Tip. We wear clothes only once and change bed linens every day, washing in hot water with detergent and borax or bleach.

I estimate we’ve spent almost $3,000 in chemicals, foggers, cleaning/personal hygiene products, exterminators, and Cedarcide products. We ripped out the carpet in our bedroom and put in laminate, thrown out a very expensive mattress and box springs, and countless linens, blankets, comforters, quilts, pillows, etc. We pressure sprayed the brick around the entire house and cleaned off black mold (we’re in a humid environment in Texas). Saw a dermatologist – and you guessed it – without even examining the bites, he promptly told me I had a neurosis! I’ve taken samples three times to the county agricultural extension office and I just mailed off a few samples to Texas A&M Urban Entomology Dept. I wish there were a magic bullet, but I guess there just isn’t. We’ve tried many of the strategies posted here, and I’m so grateful for this site and the helpful suggestions from forum participants! Thank you. J.


I just wanted to let people know that bird mite problems are apparently very common in Hawaii. Both my beautician and MD (allergist) that I talked to yesterday had (fairly light) infestations. The beautician said hers was from a bird nest after the baby birds moved out, and the Doctor said his was from a dead bird in the gutter. I think ours may have come from a bird feeder left by the previous people who lived in this house. About a week after we moved in, my husband took it down and it stayed on the side of the house for a week or two until there was room in the large garbage can in the front of the house.

As it goes, I have had a fairly light infestation and so can see how the bugs are moving. As far as I can tell, the adults are white, look like lint, and about 1/4 the size of a grain of rice. They jump like a flea, and bite HARD–I can be woken up by the bite. These live wherever they can be somewhat camouflaged. When I have sprayed the carpet with Windex, these jump into the hem of my pants, and then bite a few minutes later. The nymphs crawl across your skin to try to infest as large an area as possible. If you wash your body in coal tar shampoo and then wash again in Dishwashing detergent, you can slow down the crawling so you can catch them with “magic transparent tape”. Pinesol, regular detergent, and dishwashing liquid in very hot water kills the adults and washes out a lot of the nymphs in your clothes. I’ve used two rolls of tape getting the creepy crawlies off me after a bath. This works because at least they can’t crawl again or turn into adults. I haven’t figured out how to kill the eggs yet.

My 90 year old mother-in-law says her mother put kerosene on the chickens to kill the bird mites. I may try that yet. Alcohol and iodine don’t penetrate the skin to get to the eggs. Permethrin cream also doesn’t kill the eggs. But one way to break the cycle is to prevent the nymphs from migrating. I am starting to cover my bites with a heavy thick cream in a half inch layer before going to bed. It takes about 10 minutes for the nymphs to quit trying to crawl. One couple says they coated themselves with motor oil. I am not sure that motor oil is good for your body, but definitely something that thick and oily will prevent the nymphs from moving and most likely smother them. My house has textured walls and popcorn ceilings, so washing the walls and ceiling is not possible. Therefore, I am in the process of bug bombing the house every 7 days for at least a 3 week cycle. The eyewash is boric acid powder, not Borax. Borax is a laundry booster which some people have sprinkled on the carpet. I can’t tell how effective treating the carpet with Borax is yet, but the adults definitely didn’t like it, as a bunch jumped on me.

These things do breathe air, and therefore smothering them will work. Anything that can’t be washed should be wrapped in airtight plastic for at least 3 weeks. The cheap plastic drop cloths that are made for painting can be wrapped around cloth furniture and taped up with packing tape–but be very careful, the plastic rips really easily, and so you can’t use the furniture while it is wrapped in those. A more expensive but more useful version would be to buy heavy shipping plastic and tape the furniture into that. Again, it needs to be absolutely airtight. Meanwhile, you also have to kill the bugs in the rest of your house, on you, your clothes, car, workspace, etc. I agree that this is hell that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. But I believe that there is hope. I am praying for all of you. H.


My biting started last year when I went to the mountains for a ladies retreat at the church camp. I forgot the comforter so ran to TJ Maxx and picked up one. I thought I got a tick bite or something from the deer. Then I thought since it was camp and hundreds go each week I picked up some bug, lice, chiggers or scabies. After reading your site, one lady wrote she believed her problems started from a comforter. Checked my label and yes its from China. Tossed it out! So rounds of permethrin, Lindane, Nix and then the wonderful painful biopsies the dermatologist took, still nothing. Had house (3,500 sq ft) sprayed and cleaned inside and out. Biting stopped for a bit, but soon returned. I live in a new neighborhood with a field behind me, and there are ground squirrels and lots of birds. I just took down all the feeders in my backyard and put the cat on restriction for going outside. Perhaps this combo will heal this mess.

I am on my 4th day of the product Toad Juice, just ordered more of the spray. So far this has seemed to be the one that is healing the skin lesions, and keeping the skin moist. I know this product is for horses and pets but so far I am impressed. Like others on your site, I have been to doctors and dermatologist all who are “confused on what to do”. Being a professional in this small city it has been a crazy nightmare, so I have gone to SF for help but to no avail. Going shopping tomorrow to pick up the products your site suggests. Thank you and God bless. T.


I would like to add my hopeful story to your wonderful site. About a year and a half ago, my daughter started getting really bad itchy spots. I took her to her pediatrician twice and got medicine for allergies, but they didn’t work. I took her to a dermatologist and he gave her more medicine and suggested it might be bites. They seemed to come and go for about a year. Sometimes she was terribly itchy and other times she had only a few. During this time frame our bird and gerbils died (probably from the mites), and she got three more gerbils. We moved them from her room to the adjoining bathroom when we thought they might be the problem. After a year of this, it began to get really bad and three other family members started getting itchy spots as well, so I took her back to the dermatologist and he said they were definitely bites.

We had two PCO companies come and spray, and I washed everything in the house, and we put all of my daughter’s things into sealed bags and boxes. This went on for a few months with some relief after the spraying, but no permanent relief. During the week after school started my daughter got 30-40 bites. She went out of town for a few days so I decided to sleep in her bed. I got several bites, and was at my wits end as to where these things were hiding. I was sitting on the floor staring at the bed when I saw a dark speck crawling across the white sheet. Bingo!

I soon found your site and started the bird mite eradication procedure. I immediately took the gerbils out to the garage and sterilized their cage. I called my bug guy and told him what I had discovered. He said “Hot Damn!”. He had never heard of bird mites affecting gerbils before, only bird mites from abandoned bird’s nests. I had him come and spray everything, including the gerbil cage this time with mite spray. I completely sterilized my daughter’s room and the bathroom where the gerbils were with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and witch hazel and I washed all her things again. She continued to get a few bites, but after a week we were all bite free. Yea!!! This was last month, so I think they are gone now. I believe we first got the mites when we bought some baby chicks and then the bird mites were living on the pet gerbils, which is documented in the literature. I hope others can find the relief that we have. Good luck! C.


I bought a down comforter from China and used it without a duvet. My god! My house, my body, my hair, everything is infested with mites. I think even my ears. I don’t even know what type of mite it is. It could be a bird mite (because I think they stuffed it with chicken feathers). I can’t see it, but it is here. It is like the wind, invisible but it has an impact, a very large impact. My symptoms don’t line up all the way with what is listed as I don’t feel any bites. They are constantly crawling all over me night and day. It has been three weeks. I experience no itching, or bites. Just movement and crawling constantly everywhere 24/7. I have tried to eradicate these suckers with everything I can throw at them. I went through 3 bottles of pure tea tree oil on my body for several weeks and was poisoning myself thereby, but they are still here. I went to the doctor and the prescribed me a cream, but I am to use it after the house is clear of the mites. I can’t get my apartment clear of mites, no matter what I have tried. Deep cleaning, Borax, Rid. What do I do? D.

(It is not uncommon to hear of infested items that were made in China. Since it is a down comforter, it most likely was made from infested material, which is unfortunate. Newly purchased clothing and linens should always be washed and treated thoroughly before using…Administrator)


I have an aviary which houses 6 cockatiels and 5 parakeets. The old pair of cockatiels just had a new baby and I have another nest with 3 baby parakeets. When I went to check on the babies, the nests were full of mites…I went crazy. The little ones had bites all over their bodies! I started searching for remedies and everything was like a dead end. Then I called my dad (old Cuban country guy) and he told me not to worry. He indicated to buy a few cigars–the cheapest ones I was able to find, and shred them inside the nests and all around the aviary. Well guys, after 4 days there are no bird mites and the babies are healthy and strong…this really works!!! J.C.


My family and I have been afflicted by bird mites for about 6 months now. We cut back our palm tree and upset some Mynah birds nesting there. Thus began our nightmare. We have had a pest control company come out to treat our home about 8 times already…to no avail. They have told us we should go to the doctor, as it may be some type of allergy, even though they tested and know it is bird mites. We use the treatments suggested by your website and just noticed the Dawn soap, so hopefully it will work. So far, nothing else does.

Since we live in Hawaii, where it is hot and humid, we fear we may never get rid of them. We have ripped out all of our carpets, spread Diatomaceous Earth under and in our home, but no luck yet. We are living on plastic patio chairs and our plywood subfloor. We are wary of getting anything new, as it will just get infested also. The worst part is that our 2-year-old son has to deal with this torment as well. Even though I keep the air conditioner in his room on at night, he often wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. It breaks my heart. It is one thing for us to suffer, but another for him. When this first started, he broke out in a horrible rash. I thought it was just heat rash but I’m now convinced it was from the mites. The doctors just tell me he’s fine, to put over the counter meds on him and wait it out. His soft skin is now riddled with bumps and bites, especially on his legs. We are quarantined from the world. Our whole lives center around cleaning and trying to eradicate our homes of these microscopic creatures. We are convinced that we are now the hosts, although no one seems to believe humans can be. We continue with Prayers, Patience and Perseverance as the website suggests. R.


The mites began almost three weeks ago. I spent some 500 dollars on cedarcide. It does seem to work a bit, but it doesn’t get rid of them. To date I have spent 1,000 dollars. Every night I feel these creatures biting and crawling on me. I’m very sleep deprived. It is almost 2 a.m and I finally decided to visit It helps so much to know that I am not alone. In a house of five, only myself and my 18 month old daughter are infested. In my desperation to find a cure by reading stories – I started laughing so hard then crying. I feel so blessed to have found others who share my pain and struggle. Our stories are so similar. The crazy things we are doing. People in our life think we are crazy. It’s not just me. The humor is not the hell we are living but the way in which each of us are dealing.

So far, the things that have worked for me: Denorex, Gold Bond Foot Powder (It has menthol, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil), bleach baths, BenGay, Arbonne bodywash and spf 30 sunscreen, Borax, Sea Salt Scrub, Gold Bond Foot Spray. NO SUGAR! Things that have not worked: Baby Oil, Windex, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Witch Hazel, Alcohol. (These things just seemed to deter them until the oil soaked in or the alcohol dried.) Things purchased: Anything that has menthol in it or sulfur in it. I have also purchased Neem Oil and I am going to put it in a fogger. I am treating the outside of my house and landscaping with borax and a pepper repellent. I’m a bit scared of DE since I have an 18 month old. Oh, I am also getting boric acid to kill anything outside and inside. Who would have ever thought? I somehow feel like Job. Prayers to all. C.


After 5 years of struggling with this problem, (and fighting what has always felt like a losing battle, no matter how much money I threw at miracle cures and remedies), I have finally found something that at least helps. In the beginning, my effort was all about eradicating these little demons in the environment – sprays, borax, enzyme cleaners, endless skin treatments, and some pretty toxic chemicals. After working with a naturopath on the problem, my focus shifted to becoming an inhospitable host. To that end, I have reduced the sugar in my diet, tried to clear up any imbalance with yeast in my body (they seem to thrive in a yeasty constitution), and treat my “scent.”

For my skin, the main relief I have found is in a $6 bottle of peppermint oil from the health food store. Please note: it is way too strong to apply without diluting it with water. I put in about 1 or 2 drops per ounce of tap water, into a mini-spray bottle. I have heard bergamot oil works too, but I like peppermint. Right after I get out of the shower, I spritz my entire body with the diluted solution, avoiding my face and eyes (it stings terribly). I’m not saying the problem is over, just better. Of all the effects, I think interrupted sleep is the most potentially damaging, and all this at least helped me get some shuteye. Thank you for this site. The second I found it, I stopped feeling crazy and alone. M.


A couple of years ago, I moved in with one of my daughters in a new home in an undeveloped rural community. I started getting bites on my feet while I was using the computer, and in a few short weeks, my whole body was being bitten. I could not see anything. My daughter had two dogs and a cat living in the house. The cat was a natural killer and would love to bring home gifts of dead birds, moles and mice, and anything else she could catch. I paid $300 to a pesticide company to come in and spray for fleas. The flea application just made it worse. Everybody itched after each application, but I was the only one who consistently was attacked. I then found this website, suspecting I had bird mites. I called another pesticide company, explaining that I thought I must have bird or rat mites. They refused to come out. She told me that I should seek help from a medical doctor.

So, I hurried to see a medical doctor, telling him about my horrible biting and itching sensations and suspected mite problem. Since I could not show him one bump that looked like a bite, he did not believe me . He told me that he had been practicing medicine for over 30 years and never heard of bird mite infestation in humans. I left his office disappointed, because when I was a child growing up in Iowa on a farm, my mother used to warn me not to touch sick or injured birds because we might become infested with bird mites. I could not help but wonder where this doctor grew up and where he had practiced for 30 years that he was ignorant of bird mite infestation. I finally got rid of the mites in the environment, but was susceptible to them again when it was very wet outside. They would swarm into my bedroom. I eventually moved to a different state and am not bothered by them here. When I think I have mites, I use eucalyptus oil in a diffuser throughout the house. I still have my mattress and springs covered with vinyl waterproof covers. I have found body detoxification (for worms, parasites, etc.), better nutrition, exercise, and far infrared effective in the treatment of the bird mites. Though I do not have external mites anymore, I still have a residue of the internal problems, usually referred to as Morgellons. K.

(For those with a long standing mite infestation, the bites and raised reddened papules are less of a problem, as the body eventually produces antigens to alleviate these symptoms. However, for some the problem remains; as the mites will infest internally in the sinus cavities, lungs, ears, etc…Administrator)


I bought a pound of pure menthol crystals and am putting them in wax tart burners. They melt and vaporize the entire room (very strong!). I close the rooms off as I do them and let them go for the length of the burn time on the tea light. It seems to be making a BIG difference in crawling and biting. I don’t know if it’s simply repelling them or killing them. I think I read somewhere that strong menthol dries them out and desiccates them. The nice thing about the strong menthol vapor – it gets into EVERYTHING. I am praying that it is killing them. I bought the pound of crystals on ebay for about $30. I was getting bitten badly and immediately every time I sat down at the computer, and they aren’t bothering me at all right now. If nobody on the site has thought of using the menthol crystals in this manner, I highly recommend it. The beekeepers make screened packets of them and put in the hives on hot days to get the vapors. But if you melt those babies in a wax tart burner, you’ve got the strongest vapor possible and it gets into everything. If menthol truly does kill them, I can’t see how this wouldn’t substantially reduce their numbers. J.


I had an infestation of bird mites that swarmed over me for about two days before I began to develop welts. I quickly discovered that the mites were swarming over all my furniture, and I couldn’t even get them off my body, since they are so small and fast-moving. The first thing I did was to clean my apartment top to bottom using a strong tea solution made from boiling stick cinnamon, mixed with a little eucalyptus oil. I wiped down the floor, countertops, shelves and every other hard surface with the mixture, then spayed it liberally on my mattress and every other upholstered surface. Next I spread liberal amounts of Roach Prufe beneath my bed and other furniture and beneath my rugs. Roach Prufe is an amazing, non-toxic product. The active ingredient is boric acid, but I’ve been told the inactive ingredients contain a sulfite that will eat through the exoskeleton of any bug that crawls through it. In any case I’ve never known a normal boric acid powder work like Roach Prufe. Several times I sealed my apartment and left for a few hours while I fumigated it with smoke from Copal resin. Whether this really had any effect on the mites beyond the Roach Prufe, I can’t say, but it made me feel that my apartment had been ritually cleansed.

I also had to stop the irritation they were causing, as they continued to feed on me. I started to ingest very large amounts of capsaicin by swallowing chopped Serrano peppers (as much as my stomach would stand). This led to much sweating and diarrhea, but I felt that these symptoms were beneficial for fighting off the infection. The capsaicin coming through my pores caused a pleasant burning sensation that countered the irritation caused by the bird mites. I painted each wound with a solution of benzalkonium chloride to keep the mites from feeding off them, and used spirits of camphor to relieve the itching, especially around my groin area. I eradicated the bird mites in about a week and have not encountered any since. M.


When I wash/dry clothes, I don’t do anything special. HOWEVER, prior to wearing, I make sure clothes are at 150 degrees F for 20 min or so, possibly longer. Measure temperature somehow and put them in the oven. A gas oven with the heat in the lower broiler area will not burn the clothes like an electric element. Sound a little extreme? It is, but here is why I do it; I did the experiment the other day. I knew I had them in my shoe/sock. Fired up the oven to 130 degrees, shoes/socks in, bugs not dead. Go to 150 degrees—bugs dead. The beauty of this is once up to temp, you can shut off the oven and it still stays hot. B.


We are know dealing with what we think is our third incident of bird mite infestation. In the first incident a pest control company found an abandoned bird nest in our attic. He removed the nest and saturated the area around it with pesticide, spraying pesticide from the nest in a line to the wall, where my baby daughter first experienced the mites. (Her back and arms were covered with red bumps while her twin sister in the same room, but in a different crib, wasn’t bitten.) The wall of that room where he felt the mites entered from the attic was also sprayed. He also sprayed the rest of the house but not as heavily. It seemed as though the mites traveled in a direct line from the nest into our home. The second time, in a different house, we immediately recognized the bites. To us it feels as though a needle has been held in a flame and then pushed into our skin. There is a sharp feeling of heat and pain, then the itching. Again a pesticide company came to our home and found a bird’s nest in an overhang above our back porch. I don’t know what pesticide was used, but it solved our problem again.

We also did our own treatments in the house. All carpeted areas were sprinkled with a layer of borax (20 Mule Team Borax) and salt. We had learned this as a cure for flea problems and it also seemed to assist in getting rid of the mites as long as we also had pesticide treatment. Also, all vacuuming was done with mothballs inside the vacuum cleaner bag to kill all mites that were vacuumed up. We usually would leave the borax and salt in the carpet for several days before vacuuming. We also washed every bit of clothing we owned and wiped down drawers and closets with Pine Sol and water. The borax also leaves the carpets smelling clean and fresh.

Our experiences were terrible, but they only lasted a week or two. We did call pest control as soon as the bites began. Our first house was carpeted but our current house where the second and now the third infestation occurred has hardwood and tile on the first floor and carpet on the second floor. All hardwood and tile was vacuumed (with mothballs inside the vacuum cleaner bag) and then damp mopped with water and a small amount of Pine Sol. Thank you for your web site. I hope our experiences might offer some help to others. E.R.


1. When they become active put some Vick’s vapor rub in your hair and rub it in to the scalp (don’t worry about if your hair is long). You would think your head would get hot, but it not uncomfortable at all. If you have trouble spreading it, add some Eucalyptus Oil. This will make it far easier to spread and assist in eradicating mites 2. After doing this wear a shower cap, (most important) as this locks in the vapors. Sleep with it on and I assure you, you will sleep in peace. Next morning I generally wash my hair with soap three times and finish off with shampoo. (It takes a bit of effort to get it all out, but well worth it.) 3. When dealing with carpet and furnishings use Eucalyptus Oil and if you have a steam mop or steamer, or similar hit them with that after spraying the oil, it works well and smells great too. If you don’t have a steamer get your hands on a steam vaporizer and add eucalyptus oil. W.


I moved back to the city of San Francisco, forgoing all the other apartments of modern living enamored by the classic and old-fashioned charming buildings so typical of this city…art deco, and top floor overlooking the city with a glimpse of the top part of the Golden Gate Bridge. Now in retrospect, knowingly overlooked many major flaws; such as a cracked ceiling in the bathroom, filthy grout in the kitchen, which I scrubbed prior to moving my stuff and food content, etc. All was well with routine breakfast in bed before work, enjoying the city view upon dawn, etc. When the California rain started rather mildly in November with a noticeable leak in my top floor apartment, reported such to the owner building manager. The bath room ceiling collapsed in the first week of January after a serious rain storm, leaving debris all over, including about 4×4 foot hole of chicken wire only gap with the roof top. The debris was removed promptly then I had not heard anything, was depressed and called the City Inspector; which prompted a rather quick ‘fixing’ of the roof/bathroom ceiling problem.

Because this apartment building had pigeons nesting on the roof, the bird mites migrated to my apartment because of the exposed hole in the roof and the resulting 6 months exposure to the open roof and all it occupied. Then I noticed more and more of a flurry of tiny pests in my apartment, in my bed, then in my nose, eyes, ears, throat, coughed a lot, then I noticed these hovering things accompanying me in my car, I was startled, what is going on…they followed me even to my workplace, which entails patients of mostly immune compromised situations. I have noticed people scratching themselves or coughing a little, I thought I was losing my mind. I desperately spent hours on the internet looking for answers about pests, called the building manager to get the PCO to check the place out, glue traps were placed, no findings, repeatedly told me, that no insects could go with me, on me or on my clothes; when actually one of my phone call to their main office turned out much more support by the receptionist who totally agreed that my clothes etc., may have already got infested. I further checked, for scabies, for fleas, etc., and hoped it would be that simple.

I neglected all my life’s work and routines, merely consumed to finding answer to this infestation, I always hated anything that crawls, bites, vermin…took great precaution in keeping things clean just for that purpose….no pets, just me. Then finally in search of the source of my infestation, a few weeks ago I started spraying bleach foam cleaners on the stove top encasing and finally was able to lift it, I was ill from the stench and the subsequent continuous draining of dark brown, gel like drainage (sewage!). I saw more of the flurry of those tiny bugs!!! I am still stunned, shocked. They finally removed that thing after another threat of calling the City Inspector, I was sure that would be the end of my parasite/insect invasion…NO, it was not. Now I was really depressed.

Then I went to this website ( and was stunned, relieved, bewildered all at the same time. Everything matched my ‘symptoms’. I cried, then went on to buy things that most people advised. My body is hostage to these invaders, more like a Sci Fi movie. My life has changed! I have read all of the site’s chapter and forum ‘poster’s’ input. I realized that I am not alone any longer in my own hell, yet disturbed that I have found a label for my newly found affliction. I am grateful for all of your advise and followed up today, buying my defenses, changing apartment efforts, hoping to keep my new furniture and bedding. I am all alone and would appreciate a friend, a kindred soul…one that knows of this bird mite curse. M.


I took a bird’s nest into my home to hatch some eggs. I never dreamed what would take place after almost 8 months now. We have suffered with the itching, crawlies and the biting and we went to doctors and dermatologists…the whole nine yards. I lost my job of 10 years and could not even be around my grandchild. We have spent so much time and money just to find what works, but the miracle treatment has finally come that really helped. It is 35% hydrogen peroxide. You can take a bath in it and also spray with it, but it has to be diluted with water and you can’t get this on your skin. It’s really hot, only 2 cups in a tub or bath water. I don’t know if this will work for you but it has given us most of our lives back and we sleep all night, and now I am going back to school. If you are infested with mites it is going to take some patience but this treatment wasn’t harmful to our health. S.F.


Epsom salt kills these things. Take a one pint empty Listerine bottle and put 2 inches of Epsom salt in it and fill the rest with water. Shake this up until completely dissolved. Now take a shower with dawn dishwashing liquid. Turn the water to the shower off and pour and rub in the salt water over your body from head to toe. Work it in well into your hair and scalp and around your eyes and groin area but be sure your entire body is covered in the salt. Get out of the shower stall; do not use a towel it will rub the salt off. Now, take a hair blow drier and blow dry your body until the salt has dried on your skin. Your skin after drying should have a whitish look to it from the salt being dried on the skin. This kills what ever is on your skin…period. Be sure and soak every item of clothing and bedding at least over night. It can be in plain water or Epsom salt water but be sure and weight the items down so that they stay completely submerged for at least over night. Then wash the items with 2 cups of Clorox. This procedure is now helping many people put an end to this nightmare…the salt seems to kill these things. Good luck and I hope this information helps you also. R.


I have discovered that mites tend to infest wood, which is a big problem since most people have wooden floors and furniture in there homes. If you have marble flooring throughout your house you’re in luck. If you have hard wood floors this may be a problem since most of the mites are probably living in cracks and crevices and then come out at night to infect clothing or furniture. They love cotton so I would suggest buying satin night suits and satin bed sheets so you can sleep peacefully at night. The best thing I found that worked was spending a 100$ and buying a professional steamer. Don’t waste money on those 30-40$ ones as they are useless. Buy a good brand and it will pay off in the long run. I found this to be the most affective because with a light weight portable steamer it is easy to steam clothes, curtains, couches, cushions, bed sheets, etc. It not only kills the mites but the eggs as well, which most chemicals don’t.

My advice to all of you suffering out there is to invest in a professional Cloth Steamer instead of an iron so you can use it on everything. Make sure you buy a brand that generates a good amount of steam hot enough to burn them. It should have a long tube and be a hand held almost like a vacuum cleaner so you can stretch it long enough to move it around and steam everything in the house. You can even try having your hard wood floors steam cleaned if you have a big house. Some carpet cleaning companies can come and do this for you. Based on experience I noticed no chemicals kill the mite eggs no matter what they advertise, and a lot of times the mites become immune to things; however by using a steamer its logical because it burns the mites and there eggs. It should be used carefully but it’s fairly easy to use. I hope this helps!! T.C.


I am a single mother with two teen daughters. Our lives have been forever changed by bird mites. My current outbreak started this time on my leg as I noticed a very itchy small red patch on my leg. Before I knew it they were spreading to my hands and fingers due to itching my skin…without knowing once again the cycle begins. My infestation started a little over two years ago and because like most people, my lack of parasite education I was 6 months into being fully infested before anyone took me serious. It was an emergency room nightmare with numerous trips to the ER feeling at one point I might actually die from being this sick; pointing out things on my skin saying “look its right there I can feel it”. But told time after time, “Sorry Ma’m I don’t see anything, we’re going to treat you for scabies and send you home”.

During my outbreaks I would collect numerous samples, tiny little things barely visible, yet I knew they were there. Yet every time the hospital labs would come back with ‘Non-human parasite’ so the ER doctors would write it off as ‘NOT a parasite’. It wasn’t until I walked into my dermatologist’s office after months of test with only a positive toxoplasmosis result and said “ok, its moving on me right now inside my nose, take it out please, so you can see what it is”. That was the day I heard him say “that’s a bird mite”.

I became my own doctor after that, researching on the Internet. Its a very lonely process and just when I thought a few months ago I was in the safe zone, now my 13 yr old daughter broke out and is scared to death…because she watched how sick i was and how doctors treated me. The doctor gave me Ivermectin and a lotion made of Eurax and Bethol yet we are unable thru all our efforts to stop the mites. I’m hoping someone who reads this has some insightful things we can do or ways to get doctors to identify this better and ways to cure it. If anyone has had a bird mite infestation and had any medical test that is more prone to come back positive with mites I would love feedback. This is a horrific way to live and the medical field needs to be re-educated in parasites. L.

(It is unfortunate that with all the good information available now, that some doctors will not take the time to learn more about parasites and how they affect people. It has been documented for years now that scabies treatment does not work for bird mites on humans. So all we can do is educate others one at a time. You can print out the ‘research’ information and have the doctor refer to these articles…Administrator)


I wanted to share with your forum how I got rid of these nasty bird mite “demons”, or at least made my home feel like home again. First let me say, thank the Lord for this forum, without it, I never would have came across ideas and method! Your forum has helped me cope with this nightmare, as with many others, and shown that we are not alone in this fight. I sincerely thank you for that! Ok, On with the good news on how reduce the number of these suckers by at least 95%. I have been virtually mite free for a week!

Get some: Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, (mixing stronger peroxide with other chemicals can be explosive), Witch Hazel (86% or higher), Ethyl Alcohol, and Tea Tree Oil (100% pure) (or Neem Oil), Boric Acid, Cedar Chips or Cedar Oil. Get a good spray bottle for home and car and a smaller on for personal use.. Mix the Peroxide, Witch Hazel, Ethly Alcohol and the Tea Tree Oil into your large sprayer (1:1:1 ratio with 30-40 drops of Tea Tree Oil). Vacuum the house first and then spray all rooms from ceiling down to walls and then carpet. Let it dry and vacuum again. You have to hit the ceilings, don’t skip it. Sprinkle Boric Acid into corners and along baseboards. Take a shower. Do the spraying again the next day and next if your problem is extreme, except Boric Acid. Place the cedar chips or cedar oil at corners of bedroom. Drip Tea Tree oil around perimeter of bed. Use the small hair spay bottle, filled with ethyl and few drops of Tea Oil to spray yourself when you get a crawling sensation or bite; you will get these for a little while. That’s it! I also used ant traps (generic black pucks) Bayer Advanced Home Pest Control, and Raid Fumigator (12% permethrin), however the above ingredients made the difference in 1 day. D.


During every spring these mites would infest the house in the thousands because of the increase in birds. First signs are often red marks or bumps on the skin and an overwhelming sensation that there are bugs crawling on your skin. For months me and my family knew nothing about these creatures and only after consulting a doctor, he suggested these could be bird mite bites and our house was infected. So my mum goes to work and blabbers about this infestation to people around the workstation and one of her friends said that he keeps dozens of birds at his’ house and he uses insect power in each corner of each room in his’ house and never experienced these creatures.

After hearing about this, we asked him to order a batch of this power named Pestene by the company Inca. It is consisted of 50g/kg of Sulphur and 10g/kg of Rotenone (from Cube Roots) and is yes only used on animals. However, in spite of this we sprinkled a decent amount of this into each corner of every room in the house. To further eliminate the problem we cleared the birds nest in the roof and sprinkled a lot of powder in there and vacuumed and cleaned the bed sheets in a matter of days they were all exterminated due to the ceasing of bite marks. So anyways this year we were a little late on the treatment and our house is infested once again and we did the same routine as last time and this time it was horrendous. An hour after sprinkling the power in the roof attic? A section of the ceiling was covered in mites and the thought of that now makes my skin crawl. (pun not intended) In a matter of seconds hundreds were dropping down and dying and it was like the tiles were speckled with black sand. So anyways it is only been like 2 days and most of them died out and I am hopeful that they will eventually die out in a few days. K.


I have found the best option yet other than the pesticides. Witch Hazel ($8 a bottle in any drug store) seems to kill the bugs and eggs and does not harm humans. It even works better than the ethyl alcohol. I put it in a spray bottle with some pine oil (from a health food store) and spray like crazy. That coupled with a carpet flea powder, Flea Killer by Enforcer is finally doing the trick in my car and office. A dust mite spray and bed bug spray “Goodnight” by Srayway available in Home Depot got them out of some of my furniture. The previously mentioned chemicals did work on the walls and ceiling of my last condo. I had to throw out most of the fairly new furniture though. The old condo seems to be bug free at last. I have managed to keep them out of the new condo by showering with liquid Dial soap with Triclosan (some kind of insecticide that doesn’t harm you) when I get home and changing and treating the clothes that I was wearing. I am finally sleeping through the night after almost two years of hell. The Bounce sheets had really helped me sleep in the old condo. I also used to tuck them in my clothes. Try the Witch Hazel-it really works. The critters seem to adapt to most other chemicals after a short while. I am still being treated for Morgellon’s. Some believe that the bird mites leave a bacteria on your skin that causes the disease. I believe it to be true. The Devil’s messengers-that’s what I call them. The strategies that I have mentioned all work though most chemicals stop working after a while. As always, keep up the fight-there is hope!! Good luck! W.


Thank you for the bird mites website. It helped me during my recent and continuing home infestation which I have been dealing with since early July. I have tried various chemicals and none of them seem to eradicate the mites; they die down for a couple of days and then come back. I think the chemical insecticides are producing a breed of “super mites”, in a manner similar to the over-use of antibiotics creating super bacteria that can no longer be killed by antibiotics — I believe we already have chemical-resistant mites and that’s why the problem is so horrible. I have the terrible feeling that mite infestations are going to start plaguing people more and more, much like the current bedbug problem. I am currently using diatomaceous earth (amorphous silicate, food chemical grade) to try to kill the bugs mechanically rather than chemically. I have powdered this dust over all of my floors, which are grooved hardwood, and powdered my cats, all of my shoes, furniture and mattress. I started doing this eight days ago, and I think the problem is finally abating. The mites are not yet eradicated from my home, but I am slowly getting some relief. The words “nightmare” and “living Hell” describe this problem well. I hope other mite sufferers will hear about the possibility of diatomaceous earth helping with the problem. S.


I’ve been on this site plenty of times in the last 3 years or so. I’ve been dealing with these evil parasites for about that long…I don’t know, maybe a little longer. I am about to go insane. The latest outbreak if you want to call it that, has me feeling totally hopeless. The worst thing is that I have horrible allergies. I already have to take Flonase and Claritin and now these mites have my eyes burning and staying bloodshot all day long. My eyes feel sticky when I blink and feel like I have dirt in them. I feel them crawling in my nose most of the day. My nose runs and is stopped up as well. I would not wish this hell on my worst enemy.

I know that I definitely have rodent mites because I have had an ongoing rat problem for a few years. My house is also really old and the leaky roof is letting excess moisture build up. I don’t even want to know how many of these things are in my house. Last night I bombed the house like Rambo. My house is only like 1200 square ft. I put 2 foggers in the attic, one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and 1 in the crawl space under my house. Came home and felt them biting. I freaked out, starting having a panic attack, and went to stay at my mothers for a while. I’ve almost given up. It’s just too much work to rid of these cursed mites!!! Sorry, I am just so angry. I don’t have any answers. I just want to add my story to show others that they are not alone. Everybody thinks I’m crazy. Ha…I wish I was just crazy. Invisible bugs are ruining my life. Stay strong everybody. B.

(The rodent mite is a close cousin to bird mites, in fact some rodents can actually be infested by bird mites. So the treatment options are basically the same, as both are very difficult to remove from the home environment…Administrator)


I continue my fight with the mites. I have found a few new options that help. First and cheapest: cayenne pepper. The mites do not like it. I discovered that after eating spicy food, they did not bother me (the tequila works too but is a bit impractical for everyday life). I went to the health food store and bought the cayenne capsules. I also sprinkled it about everywhere. Caution: do not get it in your eyes as I did on the way to work this morning!! I had to pull over and felt as if someone had maced me. Hopefully, the mites feel the same. Next: Delta pesticide available at seemed to have made a dent. I did use Tempo SC with a growth regulator from These are professional exterminator sites. Turns out that you cannot spray more than once a week and need to switch off because they become immune. In between, I spray with the ethyl alcohol and continue to use Bounce fabric softener sheets. They also do not peppermint oil and will leave you alone. I can now sit on some of my furniture and sleep through the night. There is hope!

Unfortunately, I now have Morgellons and am being treated for it. They believe that it was caused by the bird mites. The common thread in people that have Morgellons is a bacterial organism that seems to be present in most infected people. The car is still a problem probably because of the heat, humidity and carpet. I still am going to move from my condo soon and pray that they do not want to move with me. As always, good luck and don’t let them win! W.


I contracted bird mites while sorting items for a garage sale in my barn over three months ago (a swallow’s nest was in the rafters). I have since moved out of that state and this Mite Fight has become my living hell! My husband is less than supportive and refuses to engage in practices that will eradicate the mites (i.e. he won’t store his clothing in plastic tubs I have provided, he stores his clothes in an un-air-conditioned room). I, on the other hand, have become obsessesed with washing (in bleach or epsom salt and shrinking everything in a cooking hot dryer), storing things in moth ball filled storage bins, bathing in baby oil twice a day and scrubbing with medicated shampoo, putting Vicks in my ears, nose, genitals, mouth and around my neck at night. I also lint-roller the bed, spray it (it is covered in vinyl protectors and taped shut at the nylon zipper), use baby oil (mineral oil) when I remove the satin sheet in the AM and spray it with baby oil to soak during the day.

During the day I soak the wood floor in baby oil; using a Swifter mop to force the oil into the wood floor cracks. I bathe twice a day and use paper towels (the softest I can find) to dry. I have soaked with 1 cup Clorox for 1 hour twice in the past 5 days. I do not let towels or clothing sit; I immediately put them in a plastic bag and seal it off. I have taken to boiling my underwear and night clothes on the stove for 20 minutes. I have turned the water heater up to 150 degrees to do laundry. Everything is placed in the dryer with Bounce sheets. I leave Bounce sheets scattered on the floor to deter any stray mites. I have scrubbed by hand the bathroom floor with a Clorox liquid/detergent mix. I use Arrid extra dry spray deodorant. All my clothes are sealed off in bags with mothballs. I run the a/c night and day. I can’t bear to go outside in the heat or humidity because the itching drives me insane.

I desperately need to rid my life of mites…my marriage is in peril. I have seen my physician and he gave me a prescription for Claritin and said the itching was the mite feces! (BTW, the Claritin doesn’t work). Sarna Anti-itch lotion provides great relief. You can buy it at Target, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart in the Medicated lotions aisle. It is expensive but provides great relief. Your website has been a Godsend! Bless you! J.


After dealing with Bird Mites for about 3 years, here are some beneficial tips: Mites are not insects therefore most insecticides and insect sprays wont work. You must look for products specially formulated for mites called Miticides. A good place to start would be your local plant nursery or garden store. They carry several products to kill mites. From personal experiences I cannot stress enough how good SULFUR works!! I bought Lime Sulfur Oil from the Bonide Company. Dilute it with some water or baby oil and spray everywhere in the house and on your skin too! Powder sulfur, lime sulfur oil, sulfur dust, all work great. You can use lime sulfur on your skin as well. It will kill all mites, larvae, bacteria and acne too!! Bath in sulfur oil daily. Be careful not to get sulfur powder in lungs or eyes. Mix with water to create a paste or oil. I highly recommend purchasing sulfur from; it’s cheaper and ships fast too, or you can ask your local gardening store or nursery to order you some if they are out of stock.

Borax also works. Wash clothing in high heat with Borax, steam iron clothes, linens, upholstery etc anything clothe. These mites infect clothing very fast for some reason and love cotton but not satin. Wear satin clothing to sleep in at night…that helps. Put vinyl protectors on mattresses, pillows etc. Dry clean items that cannot be washed, vacuum thoroughly. Basically, the usual drill. Remove all body hair…these mites like to crawl on hair. Therefore, I recommend removing all hair from your body. Purchase a steam iron for clothing. I have tried Arrid extra dry but am not sure if it kills the mites or is just an antihistamine? Anyway, if you have hardwood floors mop sulfur oil into them. Dust sulfur powder on carpets. Do whatever it takes. Don’t let them breed because they reproduce fast. Remove pets. Dip them in Lime Sulfur. Remove birds nests etc. After battling with these mites for years I have used products in the past like Borax, Boric Acid, Pine Sol, vinegar, Diatomaceous Earth, Sevin Dust, Malathion, fumigation, fogging, Permethrin, Pyrethrin, etc, etc. You name it, I’ve used it. Good Luck to all of you battling this unknown bird mite. It’s crazy how in today’s modern economy with all these pesticides nobody knows what these critters are. Anyway, I hope all this helps! TC.


I had a bird nest on the brick column on the inside of my open front porch, only 4 or 5 feet from my front door and window. I thought it was great having baby Mourning Doves and didn’t know that one of the baby birds was dead on the front porch for 48 hours because I enter and leave from the back. I believe that it died and the parents pushed it out long before it was ready to leave. I didn’t realize this at the time and left the empty nest there. I opened the window, put a large fan in it, and now realize that I was blowing the mites into the house. A week later, I casually removed the nest without care. I was going to have an exterminator come out but he was going to use Pyrethrins and I’m glad that I saved the $500.00! Because your website explained that it doesn’t work.

I’m feeling quite hopeless now. I have expensive couches, beddings, wood antique beds, and don’t know if I can rid of these mites that are crawling over me continuously. The cat is a big source of spreading infestation and he is my best buddy and doesn’t understand why I don’t want to touch him. My skin is dying from frequent bleach showers. I feel them in my eyes and started eye rinses with boric acid. I feel them going up my nose and blow profusely (wakes me at night). I’m isolating myself, my friends don’t need this. I won’t have lunch with them today, I won’t see Ana’s baby born, I won’t see my nephew’s opening ceremony into graduate school for his PhD. I don’t get any help from the doctors that I have talked to. I really need support, financially and emotionally…How am I going to start a new job like this next week?? J.


It is hard for me to even go onto this website and write this. But I want everyone to know that I think these things helped me. Sell your car!!! This was huge for me. Getting rid of my car was the number one factor to feeling better! Move out of your house!!! I know this is hard, but I think it is necessary. I think that washing all my clothes in ammonia (which you can get at Walmart for a very low cost), really helped. Also, taking bathes in bleach. I even washed my hair with the Clorox bleach. I have brown hair and it did not bleach it. But the bleach did really help to kill the bastards. Get Pantene conditioner extra dry hair so your hair will not feel like straw. Take bathes in 6 jars of salt (kosher is better—you can get it at Walmart). Alternate bathing with the salt, bleach, and then really expensive food grade hydrogen peroxide, which you have to get at a natural health food store. Do not bathe in these together. Use the bleach all by itself, then the salt all by itself, then the food grade hydrogen peroxide by itself or with Epsom salt. The enzyme cleaners are expensive and do not work very well.

Please try these things I listed. I truly believe they help. I still feel scared all the time and still feel some weird crawlies in my nose, but I feel almost normal. I still wonder if it is related to Lymes Disease. I feel like I have gotten Lymes Disease from these bugs. I was tested but the results came back inconclusive. That is typical right?! Since no one can seem to help us!! I have spent so much money just like you all. I feel for all of you. My life has been torn apart by this. It is awful…I wanted to commit suicide but did not only because of my dog, Mom and brother. C.


What seemed to work best was the Tempo SC with Beta Cyfluthrin and the Gentrol IGR mixed together as directed. It’s one ounce of each in a gallon of water. I applied it with a regular bug sprayer using the spray for surface areas including the walls (this does not stain) and the stream for cracks and crevices. It’s best to wear rubber gloves and cover your skin when applying. I also ripped up the carpet and spread Diatomaceous Earth and boric acid under the carpet and relaid it. Along with the Tempo and IGR I used a deep penetrating fogger by drilling holes in the walls and removing switch plates so they could not hide in the walls during treatment. The holes were easy to fill with regular spackling.

The applications of Tempo and IGR were made on alternate days. Mornings in my bedroom and areas of the house I could close off from the dog, and evenings in the main living area for one week. I did not wait the week everyone else says to. I think it just gives the ones that could hide time to gain strength. So I applied as often as I could until I could sleep without plastic wrapped around me. I found a pest control product site that gave me free shipping and in one case the product came in two days priority mail. ( They had a knowledgeable staff that made suggestions professional PCO’s should be making if not for their greed. I am going on 5 days now with little to no activity from them. I won’t use the word eradicate, I will use the words diminished and controlled in a dramatic fashion. I hope this info helps. L.


The exterminator fogged twice and it did no good or at least very little good. More money and time wasted. An entomologist identified them as Bird mites, which thanks to your site, I had figured out long ago. Orkin says that you have to treat every condo above, next to and below to solve the problem but I am just getting out because they already think that I am crazy in the building! I wasted so much time and money previously when I believed them to be fleas. I have been trying other products because I will not let them beat me! A reader recommendation about the Solfac had me searching all over the world for it and even contacting Bayer. Apparently, you just can’t get it in the U.S. but you listed the active ingredient Beta-Cyfluthrin. and carry professional strength products like Tempo SC which has Beta-Cyfluthrin in it and they recommend to mix with an insect growth regulator (IGR). These guys seem to know their stuff but every time I call, they add some product to the mix. I am trying both now and will let you know. They say it will be at least a week before I feel a difference. I also just ordered “sidekick” bombs which they say will kill mites. Bombs seem necessary since they seem to hide so well. I have been told that they just retreat into the walls when you fog and then come out when it clears…great.

The guys who work at suggested that I spray the new condo very well before I move in. Hopefully, the residual effect of the chemical along with the growth regular that sterilizes the eggs will be the key and I will get my current condo under control soon. It is amazing to me that these creatures love me so much and do not seem to affect others. It made me feel so much better when they were scientifically identified so I felt less crazy. I do think that all of the chemicals are starting to work though I did not change the blankets last night, did not take a shower right before bed and ran out of Bounce so I did not have a good night.

Bird mites may indeed inherit the earth. I am in the process of selling my condo and buying another and am feverishly trying to get them under control before they infest the new condo. I plan to throw out much of the furniture and am soaking some of it with the spray, will seal it in contractor bags for a year and purchase covers for it because I cannot afford to replace the entire house and buy the new one. I am definitely going broke on this problem. I am throwing out thousands of dollars of furniture when I move. As long as this ends, I don’t care! W.

(Beta-cyfluthrin is reportedly 2-5 times more toxic to bugs compared to regular cyfluthrin. So whenever possible, look for this product…Administrator)


I have been attacked by some type of mites since June (three months now), when my husband and I bought a house and moved. When we first moved in I was surprised to see how many innocent birds were on the roof, gutters and backyard of the house, it was kind of cute; until I started to get bites at nighttime and was not able to see anything, just feeling the crawling sensation. I went to a Dermatologist and I was told I had Scabies and I was treated with Permethin and it didn’t work. Thanks to your website I was able to figure out that my house was infested with bird mites. I read the stories about how to get rid of the mites and tried almost everything and so far the Arrid deodorant works immediately.

I have a baby at home and she sleeps in my room so I can’t spray this thing at night when the baby is there. I also noticed that if I lie down on the bed the mites will start getting on me after about 10 minutes or so. If I sprayed on the bed when I am not on it, then it doesn’t work. I sprayed Arrid in my car but I noticed that I have to do it everyday otherwise the mites come back. Same thing at work. I keep spraying everyday it is very exhausting and frustrating and sometimes I am afraid these things are never gonna go away. J.


Thanks from the bottom of my heart. You are the answer to my prayers. At least I know that I am not going crazy and that I am not the only one suffering from this type of infestation. I have very sensitive skin and suffer from bad allergies. I have been having these bites and crawling for about ten years now, mostly at my job. I have complained, they sprayed, but it didn’t work. It never occurred to me that this could be due to bird mites. I could feel the crawling and mostly the bites and believe me, they itch like crazy. A few years ago, I went to see a dermatologist and she was of no help at all. When I showed her my arm covered with red dots she pushed my arm away from her, and in a repugnant manner said to me “I don’t know what those are” and wrote a prescription for the itching and rash. Needless to say, that I never went to see her again, nor any other dermatologist.

I seem to be the only person who is complaining in the office. I could see other people itching and scratching, but no one complains. It is very hard for me to concentrate in my job due to the itching and crawling. Sometimes I get so desperate and frustrated that I turn off everything and go home. While in my car, whether is summer or winter, I turn the heat on, to kill whatever was biting me. I do not want to bring these creatures home. As soon as I get home I take a hot shower and I immediately feel much better. I’ve lost many nights of sleep over this. Only thinking that I have to return to work in the morning, and go thru the same nightmare again. I covered the office air vents with tape, but still get the bites. I placed a few small cups with water in it, to catch whatever was biting me, only to prove to myself that I was not going crazy. It was then when I noticed a few tiny dots in the water moving. I felt much better to know that, yes, there is something out there and I am not loosing it. These little creatures are so tiny that you could only see them with a magnifying glass. I’ve been on Benadryl, pills and lotions for a long time, to the point that I am already addicted to it. I can’t be without it. I am willing to try anything at this very moment. I am almost going out of my mind. Please help! AO

(When mites are a problem in the office environment, it is important to find out if they are bird or rodent mites, if possible. This is often helpful in determining how best to get rid of the source. Rodent mites tend to be a year round problem with a fairly steady mite population, whereas bird mites tend to peak in spring/summer and tend to have a very large mite population…Administrator)


I’ve had more than just the bird mite problem recently, although I hadn’t linked it with anything else. I have had problems with fibers too. Blue & black, and rarely red. I get the stinging, the biting, the crawling, but when I use tape to check for a mite, there is nothing there, or there are skinny fibers…sometimes many of them. I’ve wiped up my bathroom floor only to see the white wash cloth covered in pretty bright or light blue fibers (a turquoise- to light blue)…and under an 8 x magnifier, have seen them move on several occasions. The black ones are thicker, and more painful. I’ve taken a shower, to come out clean, and within minutes, have found coming on the towel or a wash cloth. I’ve had them come out when I’ve blown my nose. Until last night, I’d never even linked the two…but I think it all came from the bird mites.

(Follow-up email)…Have you thought perhaps maybe some of the others might be dealing with the same thing I am? I never would have known until just trying to catch a sample of one of the little bugs I used to see, and then seeing a fiber moving!! I think it might be a good idea to bring that to their attention. I never in a million years would have thought something like this could be real…but is. This is such a horrible condition…like right out of the Sci-Fi movies.

I called the CDC today about the Morgellons. What a joke. They supposedly have a ‘task force’ looking into it. All you get is a recording, with them spouting off some limited info of some sort of nothing, and then they tell you they can’t call you back due to all the calls, but want to gather information if you leave a message. They give you about 10 seconds to record!!!! I was so ticked! I am hoping to find a way to get a hold of Morgellons sufferers in the Tacoma area to start a support group, and to get onto the CDC. I pray that any Nurses or Dr’s. who are willing to help, will come forward too. C.

(Although not common, there have been reports from some that what was initially a bird mite parasite problem, has become what is called Morgellons. With symptoms of stinging fibers, intense itching, skin lesions, and testing positive for Lyme Disease. It is quite possible that bird mites are a vector in some people, especially if there is a weakened immune system. There are some good Morgellons websites and also some misinformation about this disorder on the web, as Morgellons is not well understood. Any purported link to a specific organsim is still conjecture until proven by the medical community…Administrator)


We are entering our first month of this nightmare. We had a pigeon nest outside our bedroom window for months, of course having no idea of the dire consequences. The heat drove them in. The pigeons are gone now, but the infestation now resides on us. We’ve seen two skin doctors to no avail. One gave us Permethrin which didn’t work. The next told both my husband and I that we have Dermogaphitis. I asked how we could suddenly both have the same condition and he told a story of four women who all had flea infestations and each got the same skin condition. He prescribed medicine that will “make us sleepy but remove the itch.” We wanted a solution, not just cover up symptoms. Of course we did not fill the prescription. I live in Chicago with all of these supposedly top notch medical centers. I just can’t believe no one will seriously deal with this. I suppose there’s little money in it or they would. My biggest worry is that we may have given them to our grandkids. We were visiting them thinking the Permethrin creme would kill them as the doctor said. It did for a couple of days. While there, we got the crawling sensation but no bites.

Anyway, they are now in our nose, throat and ears. In addition to bites, I have a few small red spots (which the doctor called scratches.) Are these burrows? I’m wondering where this will end. We have fogged the bedroom and kitchen twice and sprayed with no change. We will try all of the suggestions that have been contributed on the site in the hope that we can get a hold of this. I am hopeful that the Chinese acupuncturist who I saw today may help. She is ordering us some herbs that she says will expel parasites. She said they will be bitter, but that a bitter climate in your body drives them away… not to eat sugar, etc. She ordered another herb to mix with vinegar for spraying on us and the surroundings. I’ll let you know if it helps. S.

(Many have stated that the crawling mites on the skin, as well as in the mouth, ears, nose, etc, is the worst aspect; especially at night where it robs us of sleep. Mites do not always bite, only the mature female who is ready to reproduce. A person can go a long time with just the crawling sensation and without any biting, and then suddenly wake up with bite marks. Also, some people in the household can be bothered by them, and others not…Administrator)


I have found that straight ethyl alcohol (available next to the common rubbing alcohol in the pharmacy) kills them and it is cheap – (less than $2 a bottle). I spray it all over my clothes and walls, vacuum and sleep covered in bounce sheets. It works better than the vinegar. They also hate menthol – Vicks Vaporub, menthol crystals, and are repelled by some essential oils – peppermint, pine needle, lavender, etc. I am going to try to find my fourth pest exterminator, who hopefully knows about them, and pay more money again. I estimate that I am up to over $10,000 in over a year in exterminators, thrown out furniture, supplies, and taking my clothes and sheets to the laundry every day.

I have gotten a new car but it is now infested and have switched offices twice. I have probably blown my professional reputation of 18 years by spraying, vacuuming, etc. in the office. The smell of the sprays offends my co-workers. I now just keep quiet and suffer because people do not understand and I do not want them to think that I am insane. They do not bite my boyfriend ever! I have not had anyone visit my condo but him for over a year and am trying to sell it cheap. These mites either came from the neighbor’s storage boxes next door (who had to move out due to the infestation), my “new” bed mattress from a discount place, or the pigeons on the windowsills? I sympathize with all of you and wish you all the best. W


I had recently started my personal battle against these evil organisms. After relentless prayers to God and hours of research, after talking needlessly to doctors, veterinarians, entomologists and so called experts who are supposed to know; I came across a product called Solfac produced by Bayer. It is a small aerosol that is used to fumigate the room. One must take all pets including fish tanks away from the room, close tightly doors and windows, also food must not be left exposed, then press the valve and leave the room. The can will automatically empty. You must leave the room closed for 4 hours, and then fully aerate it. And it does the job! I have done just the kitchen living room, and finally for the first night I have no more bites, crawling, nightmare! Tomorrow I am going to do the other rooms, which are less infested. I do not know if I will have to repeat the treatment as I have animals and they might have some residual mites on them. I use on them Acarene by a firm called Candioli. It is a spray used on pet birds with mites. I used on me together with a spray of alcohol and camphor when I felt a bite, but alone is not enough to rid the house of these pests. I am rushing this information to you, so that people who are enduring this hell may find some immediate relief. Regards, MM

(This report is from Italy. Solfac may not be available in every country. The active ingredient is BetaCyfluthrin .25%, and this ingredient also comes in a 10% WP that a PCO could use in the home…Administrator.)


I was reading the post written by “S” about her Canary and her wildlife bird feeding project on her balcony. I too had my yard registered with the National Wildlife Federation. I have been president over state wide environmental groups and when I and my husband became infested with these mites from our bird feeders back in February 2006. I contacted “all” environmental groups. National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, Greenpeace, National Resource Defense Council and the list goes on and on. Not one…not one organization knew about bird mites or about the impact it is having on people or the impact it is having on the bird population. Please contact every environmental group you know of and let them know about what has happened to you and to the birds at your feeders. With many people in numbers calling and informing these groups they just might start looking into this situation and getting the word out not to feed the birds.

Also one other note: I have been using the Arrid Extra Dry antiperspirant – deodorant with the 24.6 % aluminum chlorohydrate which I have found fully in stock at every store I have been in and it works…period. Spray yourself and everything around you. Your cars and homes. The bugs can’t live in the Arrid Extra Dry. It is bliss….no bites no crawling. R


My bird mite cure: I am a chimney repairman and I was bit to death for 2 years. A bath for 1 hour with 1 cup of baby oil was the turning point. They stopped living on me. I used sulfur 1 tsp and 12 tsp of hand lotion and apply head to toe, 3 days on 3 days off for 3 sessions…ahhhhh, relief in 1 hr and total relief by the 2nd day. The clothes that get sulfur on it cannot be made odor free again, they must remain separate from others. You cannot dry them in a dryer or the sulfur smell will spread to the dryer. I hang them up in the bathroom and use the hair dryer for 4 hrs to dry.

I moved to a motel and boiled my clothes daily. Bagged all wallets and belts and gassed them with brake cleaner. Now I use CO2 in a ziplock to gas them. CO2 is deadly for humans even in small quantities, be careful to do it outside. I spray baby oil on every surface, it kills them dead. I then wash with 1/4 cup Dawn to 1 qt of water…bye bye bugs. The oil is their worst enemy. I battled this for 2 years with many treatments; enzyme cleaner, Miactin, salt, and garlic…oil is their downfall.

I put foot powder with Tolnaftate in the boots. My bed is wrapped in a plastic mattress covers then sprayed in baby oil then covered with another mattress cover. I then spread a new piece of plastic daily on the bed to sleep on. I use no sheets or pillow. I am so happy I could cry…No bugs! If I do get any, I use the very inexpensive sulfur hand creme lotion very diluted with 2 oz of water added to each tsp of creme/sufur mix. It still does the trick. I have not used permithrin or other harsh chemicals. I think it is too strong for this environmental battle. Why poison yourself if they are in the environment and you might just pick another one up? Sulfur chases them away fast. My floors are all wood. I don’t trust carpet anymore, and I can wax the floors. God Bless. JD


About 5 years ago I had a canary that I later learned had a bad case of mites. Because of him I had fallen in love with birds, so a couple of years ago I began feeding wild birds on my condominium balcony and eventually established a very successful wildlife habitat certified by the National Wildlife Federation. I turned my balcony, with an outdoor carpet, into a very successful wildlife paradise in Pennsylvania: cardinals, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, house finches, hummingbirds, flying squirrels and more. I caught house finches with conjunctivitis and brought them to a wildlife rehabilitator for treatment. It was clean: I vacuumed and kept the mess contained with plastic trays covered with hardware cloth. This year for the first time some house wrens built a nest. Every day I documented the nestling progress by taking the hollowed-out cedar log (when the parents left the nest), cradling it in the crook of my left arm, and taking pictures with the right. They were so adorable! It was such a miracle and a joy!

One morning after taking the photos, I went back inside and noticed my arms crawling with tiny bugs, which I whisked off with packing tape. There were dozens. Long story short: after days of research, and with a big magnifying glass, I identified them as bird mites (which I also found in my underwear, though minimal). I had inspected the birdhouse before, but had never seen any mites. So I took a strip of clear packaging tape and placed it over the hole of the birdhouse. To my horror, it picked up hundreds with just a quick, light touch. I placed the tape on some white paper, and the evidence showed that just the hole was loaded with them! The nest inside must have been infested even more! I waited for the babies to leave and then soaked the birdhouse in a bleach-water solution, which killed them all, but they are still out there, because when I’ve touched the pole or some nearby planters, which I had also sprayed down with bleach water, I’ve gotten some on my hands.

I believe that these things are now in my hair, my car rug, some of my clothes, my balcony outdoor rug, and I don’t know where else, although, fortunately, I am not suffering with a big infestation like some of your other visitors. Looking back, this may have started with the canary — I don’t know. Tomorrow morning, I will begin dismantling the bird feeding station that has been a labor of love and a source of incredible joy for the last several years — it’s simply not worth the risk of a bird mite infestation. I only hope that doing so won’t cause me to have a horrendous increase in mites inside my unit, and I hope that any I do have will go away and die.

The National Wildlife Federation, and other organizations that advocate creating “backyard wildlife habitats” in “small spaces,” including apartment and condominium balconies, need to know about this danger and alert the public. I’m sure that they would never knowingly suggest that people do this if they were aware of the danger. Unknowingly, I have put myself and my condo neighbors at risk for this nightmare. The only responsible thing to do is stop immediately. To anyone reading this, please spread the word: apartment/condo balconies are no places for wildlife habitats. Yes, they can be created quite successfully, but at great risk and for a terrible price. My bird-feeding hobby has come to an end. I will miss it terribly, but it’s the right thing to do. -S.


Nearly 20 years ago in 1988, I was attacked by something that may well have been bird mites. I honestly don’t know, but it seemed like this and it was horrible. What began my trip in horror was innocently sitting in a sofa that I was unaware had been stored in a barn. By placing my behind in that sofa, which was obviously some animal’s bed, I began a venture into hell that I was totally unprepared for. To make a long story short, I went through living hell, as I am sure most reading know. The symptoms described on this site fit mine almost exactly.

I tried everything to get rid of this devil. Someone in my family suggested antiperspirant (her grandmother’s family remedy for chiggers and no-see-ums) and at first I thought it was ridiculous. After six months of this hell, I was willing to try anything, because yes, I was close to suicide. My quality of life was zero and I was at a point where I had nothing to live for. Out of desperation, I tried a dry spray-on type of antiperspirant, first on my chest where it seemed to be the worst. The result was immediate. Immediately upon application, the crawling ceased entirely, like a miracle. I couldn’t believe how good I suddenly felt. I sprayed myself head to toe, being careful not to breathe in too much of the stuff. I then turned and sprayed my entire bed and bedding. It was almost like an exorcism. The demon was gone that fast.

For the first night in six months, I got a peaceful night’s sleep, and slept uninterrupted for 18 hours. I was so tired and I think it was the physical and mental exhaustion that was pushing me close to suicide. Never in my life before or since have I ever considered it. After that night, the can of “Arrid Extra Dry” became a close friend, and for a few months, I was never without one. I tried other brands, but the only ones that seemed effective were the ones that were extra dry spray on, with aluminum -chloride- (?) in it. It was aluminum something, and it worked damn good and fast. I sprayed everything with it, and I didn’t mind, because it did smell kind of nice, and mostly, it WORKED. I sprayed my car and all my possessions. Wherever I felt them on me, I sprayed myself and the local environment, i.e. car, closet, etc. This never failed.

Whatever this is, the author of this site is correct. These things can live a LONG time without a host, and they can also survive temperature extremes. A year later, I went back to some stuff I had in storage in Houston, and was immediately attacked. It was unmistakable. I could feel them hitting my arms and my face. A chill went down my spine. You gotta be kidding me. STILL? After a hot summer and damp cold winter? Obviously. Immediately I got a can of Arrid and sprayed the entire storage closet and contents. Infestation was halted immediately. My confidence restored and my fear gone.

I lost my job, lost my apartment, lost my girlfriend, and I was financially destroyed due to this beast- you know the drill- Doctors, motels, pesticides, all of it. Like others, they were in my car and at my place of employment. They also seemed to be preferential, in that there was something about me that they liked, but other people seemed not to be bothered by them, even if they had physical contact with me like shaking hands. This is to say the least, mind-boggling. Doctors are clueless and suggested I was on drugs, which I am sure you know is insulting. Their ignorance is equally disgusting. My frustration and inability to communicate my condition with others had me on the verge of insanity. I wanted to share my experience in hopes that maybe it will help others and their suffering won’t be as long as mine. Thank you and God bless you all. S

(Although some have found the Arrid does help as a short term repellent, many have since reported that it really is not an effective miticide for killing mites in the environment…Administrator)


I moved into an apartment that was above a very bad looking patio, which I ardently complained about to management (before I moved in). They assured me it would be dealt with, bird nests included. Much to my dismay, the day I moved in the lady downstairs who lays straw in winter to encourage ducks, geese and Barn Swallows to nest, disturbed them by hosing everything down. Within hours my apartment was overrun by this nightmare. She was knocking on my door wondering why I asked to have the nests removed. She proceeded to tell me they would have to wait for removal until the babies were old enough. Unfortunately, I had some idea what these things were and immediately called management. They sent their pest people, who did not take my word for it. They laid glue boards all around the apartment expecting to find fleas (I have a 70 lb. German Shepherd).

To this day, I do not know what they used to treat, as the treatment did nothing but stir them up. By the way, they did not like dealing with me directly, because of the fact that management at this point had agreed to release me from my lease, and therefore refused to pay for additional treatment. Try finding housing in a big city with a dog quickly! So, for an additional 8 wks I have been constantly fighting this battle. By now I started a claim with my renter’s policy, only to discover any losses under this type of situation are not covered. So all the items I had to discard were just a loss. Most of which was brand new. My additional living expenses have gotten out of control. Extra vet bills, boarding for my dog until I got this situation at least controlled. They seemed to be feasting on her during the day. Also, she developed hot spots from digging at herself and the bites. Frontline and Revolution did nothing to keep them from her posterior end and legs. Pet owners most likely feel my pain. Pet fees are not cheap.

Ultimately I had to do some conclusive research, which included a trip to the local co-op and Terminix with samples I collected from the abandoned glue boards the prior PCO left behind. I was shocked to discover that I had a dual situation going on…something called springtails and bird mites. A double whammy!! By the way…springtails are also known parasites, but PCOs and entomology people will tell you otherwise. As most of you already know….don’t waste money on co-pays to your doctor. They know nothing!!! Nor did my Vet.

8 wks in I have discarded my old fashioned water bed frame, sleeping on plastic, cleaning everything like an OCD person. Discarded all my winter things that were in storage. Fogged, sprayed, steamed and packed what is left in plastic tubs, mothballs included. My boss threatened to quarantine me from my job. They are definitely at work and in my car now. The cost of having to move again includes hiring movers for what is left, another deposit. I can’t discard all of my furnishings…it’s not in my budget to replace things I just replaced in April?? The thought that these things are coming with me is depressing to say the least, though I am grateful for the days they are less active.

Hopefully, by leaving behind the source and the majority of the population, I will be able to get things better controlled. My health has been compromised already, including opportunistic infections, ear-nose & throat problems, and respiratory problems. I surmise these things are nesting in my body. Orange cleaners have helped, spraying Listerine has helped also. It seems to repel them. I found an ant and roach killer to be somewhat successful also. It’s not listed on the resources page. Its Hot Shot Ant & Roach Ultra in the silver can, not the blue can. It has a different consistency and sprays into cracks and crevices better, plus it’s safer around electronics. Unfortunately for my neighbor it drove them into her living space. Word to the wise for apartment dwellers, be sure to research out the policies for pest control in your lease agreement before you sign it. Certainly, not everyone will have mites or springtails, but ultimately, any infestation can cause a nightmare both financially and to one’s overall health. L


I don’t know if bird mites are our problem, but the more I read, the more I think they are the culprit. About two weeks ago I started to see one or two bites upon waking, but oddly some would appear later in the day, at work etc. Coincidently about the same time the bites appeared, I started to let my cat out onto our balcony that has a bird’s nest 20 ft up in the rafters. Now she’s itching more than normal and I keep getting one or two bites every few days and feel my skin crawl at night. I’ve looked for fleas and any sign of insect and see nothing. I’ve stripped and cleaned the bed a few times, vacuumed, sprayed the furniture with Lysol. I’m pretty sure it isn’t fleas because they LOVE me and have swarmed my ankles in the past. I haven’t seen one flea and only about half of the bites are below the waist. I gave the cat a flea bath anyway last week and she is still scratching – mostly her ears and shoulders. I just made an appt. with the vet in 3 weeks to see if they can identify her itch and am ready to call the pest exterminator to get rid of the birds (I can hear babies up there, which is why I relented to act earlier on the nest). I’m trying to rid my life of toxic chemicals, so this would be a big blow to find out I need chemical bombing and Clorox baths. I’ll start with the natural products and work up. Hopefully, I’m catching it early enough. Anyone had any success getting rid of them early on? Any input/advice is appreciated. Godspeed to all who are suffering as a result of these mites. E


I have had a noticeable bird mite problem for about a month now, we have a balcony outside our bedroom and pigeons were gathering on the balcony with smaller pigeons learning to fly from it, after a while I started to notice small insects on my computer monitor which is situated beside the window and balcony, shortly after that I found several bites on my leg, they did itch slightly but it didn’t really bother me although I have always had a strong immune system. I have since found loads of these mites around my PC which I have scanned in so I can have a closer look and I now believe they are bird mites. The reason I am writing this is to ask if other people had similar experiences in the early months of their infestations, we will be moving house soon and I intend to replace all our bedding etc but I don’t want to get rid of my PC and laptop, will the mites come with us to our new house?

The most difficult issue for us it the fact that we live in Northern Ireland and we haven’t been able to find out if the mites we have here are a different breed from the mites in the US (since most of these forums and websites are from the US we can only get info about American mites) and we haven’t been able to find any insecticide or mite powders. I know my problem seems small compared to all of the other stories on your website and I sympathize with all the other bird mite sufferers I just need to know that I can get rid of these before it gets out of hand. B

(Both the NFM and D. Gallinae are prevalent throughout Europe, and are documented in the medical literature as being a nuisance to humans …Administrator)


I went to the vet and got some homeopathic relaxer for my cats. So when I got home I took a shower and washed my hair and then “caught” my cats one at a time and gave them a bath in a less stressful way than the first time. I used “coal tar” shampoo and baby shampoo. The mite shampoo I had gotten from the vet said not to get it near the eyes and that is why I use the baby shampoo on their faces – the main tickly place. The mite shampoo is expensive too. Before this last horrible episode, my cats scratched at their ears more than what I thought was normal so I ordered a “natural ear mite cure” and after only two applications my one cat was shaking his head worse than ever. I took him to the vet and he said his ears were red inside.

I took our once used top sheet and blanket and put it in the dryer for 15 minutes to kill anything that may be on them. And I vacuumed. And I turn two fans on the plastic bottom sheet and plastic-covered pillow on the bed. Oh, and blew it off with my hair drier. Then as I was sitting here at my computer I felt creepy and pin prickly things on my legs so I took another shower as I sung “paranoia strikes deep … into your life it will creep…” I have been living with this for many years and coping the best I can, but now the “crawly nose” ones have reappeared and are bothering my cats. It is breaking my heart, which makes me intensify my search for help. Years ago I went to a dermatologist who thought I was nuts but for my cats. Why have we been given this burden? I have also had thoughts in the back of my mind – maybe not of suicide (though that would be an out) but of not dreading death to get out of this life. And I picture my two cats in the coffin with me. I just love them so much. If it was only me I could deal better. J


My husband and I have been living with these mites for almost 16 months now. We did discover early on that straight Clorox kills the things, but just recently after reading a post on another site discovered that Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil 15W50 gets the things off the skin. If you put the oil on twice a day for two weeks, keeping it on everyday, 24 hours a day it gets rid of the things. You will still pick some up from the environment and from off your cloths and the fabric around you but the oil stops the itching and stops the rash and the flaking and sand paper feeling of the skin goes away. This motor oil has helped us more than anything we have tried. Our skin looks normal now and I can go out in public and not look like I have the plague. We are still searching for the best way to remove the things from our cloths so I will keep digging until I find something that works. R

(Mites are ‘body breathers’ and take in oxygen from the environment through pores in their exoskeleton. It appears that this strategy works by suffocating the mites that are on the skin. Some have also had success with baby oil or Vaseline…Administrator)


I’m waiting for my Landlords to get rid of 4 bird nests, 2 of which are starling nests, attached to my apt. And another one right next door, who knows how many more on this triplex? Then there was also a squirrel building a nest above my dinning room in the attic. My landlady is not the nicest person in the world, and this situation has been nearly unbearable at times. I am on a very limited income, due to a liver disease and I am already dealing with the lack of health, energy, and then the following depression, now this!

My family is starting to think I’m losing my mind, and the DR couldn’t tell what my bites were from. I miss my Grandchildren, but wouldn’t want them or anyone to go through this. My Grand kids mean everything to me. I’d rather die than to have them end up thinking the Grandma that used to be so much fun turned into a crazy old lady who didn’t want to see them because of bugs on her skin that no one could see!

The whole apt is carpeted too, with exceptions of the dinning room & bathroom & kitchen. I don’t even have enough $ to pay all of my bills when the electric is high, and now to have to pay for so much laundry and everything, I don’t have a truck for the dump. Nor dump fees. No help from anyone. I am looking to God for help! I will gladly throw away my Sofa I got just a year and a half ago that cost about $1,200, and my very nice several hundred dollar mattress set I just bought before that, along with the 4 poster bedroom set, just to move to a tiny cleanable apt somewhere! Do you know of anyone in Washington State that can help me? Thank you for ANY information & help you can give me! CC

(If there is anyone in Washington State who knows of a knowledgeable physician, dermatologist or parasitologist; or who may be able to help this person in other ways, please contact the administrator.)


I have been living in hell with bird mites for over 1 1/2 years now with no help from the professionals (Dr’s, PCO). The Dr’s pass the buck & tell me PCO will help me & PCO tells me Dr’s will help me. So far no one has yet. I just received a letter from my co-op & PCO told them I had no bugs. The technician told me I had bird mites (no witnesses). Why are they not helping me at all? So far, they have thrown out a sample I gave them in the garbage (per technician) and now they are lying to the co-op. They said I should go back to the Dr. (4th time!) and get a skin scraping or take my comb/tape with me to prove I have birdmites which are microscopic. This will be the last thing I do before I leave my home. I have run out of options, it’s leave or euthanasia. I am so angry & frustrated with PCO! I think they lied to the co-op, because they have no idea how to get rid of birdmites & they don’t want to lose a contract with the co-op. These bugs are everywhere, but mostly in my bed. They are in my hair, skin, eyes, nose, ears & mouth. When they bite it hurts like a needle & then they suck my blood for about 2 minutes. It is the grossest thing I have endured in my life. I am withdrawn, depressed & suicidal because of these bugs. The saddest thing is, if I were someones pet, this hell would probably be over by now with help from a vet. It is because I am a human or woman that I can get no help. If anyone can help me let me know. I have tried about everything on the websites. Losing Hope, K.C.


I’m not entirely sure when I became a host, its been within the past 2-3 years at an old home I shared with a roommate. At this time I’m unable to take advantage of all of the suggestions as I am unable to afford extra showers and/or items that cost any money at all. I take lots of sleeping medication at night to simply sleep through the night. However, one day I only hope to never wake up at all. I’m totally unable to find any purpose. I just went to the doctor yesterday only to find out that he thought I was on drugs and recommended I be on anti-depressants and seek mental help. I’ve spent all my money on all kinds of different strategies, my problem is that I have no regular home now…If anyone has any suggestions that could assist my sanity I’d appreciate your help. I’m almost to a point of suicide. I can’t take the itch anymore. I can’t function. My friends don’t believe me. My family doesn’t believe. I don’t know what to do. P


I have had some kind of mite parasites for 2 years now. I have lost 2 cats from them, & all my hair after l year. We had fumigation with a tent over our home, & these mites were still in the carpet alive & our vehicles. My truck was in the fumigation. It still has them in it. They are in our bedding, bed pad, carpet, clothes, every crack & crevice, even the ceiling & washer & dryer. My scalp is covered, along with my whole body, in between my fingers, knuckles, feet, toes, ankles, legs, knees, arms, elbows, private area, and rectum. I have not been able to get a hold on them by vacuuming, steam cleaning, or pest control. They are the size of a pin tip, and are brown, red, & black. They come off in the tub. I have samples. I am desperate, and miserable! JK

(When a PCO attempts fumigation with Vikane gas, they need to be aware that 10x is required for mites, and some type of follow-up about a week later. Anything less will usually not be effective, as some have been reporting…Administrator)


I have been troubled by mites for about 6 weeks now when a baby bird fell out of a nest on my roof. I have had some success in reducing their numbers but they aren’t completely gone. I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity so I am unable to use the vast majority of suggested solutions on your pages. I have had a pest exterminator block up some of the possible places birds could nest but two of them have said there is no possible way they could bird proof the house. I don’t think they want to be bothered. Anyway, I can’t spray anything because of my chemical sensitivity. I contacted the Entomology Department of a Sydney University. (They are the only place in Australia qualified to identify various bugs. That was quite a difficult experience.) They stated that Dermanyssus Gallinae was very unusual in mite infestations in Australia and it was very unlikely that’s what it is. I now intend to send them a sample for testing. So what I would like to ask you and others visiting the site is has anyone had an identification of the mites that are troubling them because it sounds remarkably like my experience. They also advised that vacuuming and steam cleaning were the only none chemical means of getting rid of mites. Has anyone had any success with steam cleaning walls floors etc.? I would be extremely grateful for any feedback or suggestion because as you all know this is driving me to distraction. L


I have been struggling with this from 2002 – 2007 and ended up selling my house and giving away all my stuff (poor people) when all the doctors said it was nothing. Even the vet said it was very rare. Now, reading your web site, I finally feel I have tools to deal with this. I don’t know why this is not told to the public. I ended up with vinegar and baking soda but I am loosing the battle until now. I will try lots of your recommendations. Saltine crackers work when they get in your mouth and throat. Baking soda baths or on a wash clothe for face and body but wash it off with soap afterwards. My cat drug in a mouse and dead birds and now that I look back on everything, that is when the whole thing started. I also had Starlings nesting in my bathroom vent. I can’t thank you enough. MSL

(It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to NOT give away infested clothing and furniture to others. Please discard these items in the trash…Administrator)


Double tenting the house did not cure the problem. We tented twice over ten days and they are back as strong as ever. Do not bring mail from one house to the next. I have infested a friends apt just by bringing mail (that was outside) from my old house. Find the ground zero in your house. If you don’t the problem may never get better. I believe mine is beneath a cement pad in the back of the house. Someone who told me they have beaten the mites says he put combat roach bait behind every outlet and they started eating it and taking it back to the nest. I noticed a significant drop in the biters when I did this. The crawlers are still present. Latest strategy: I have attempted to vacuum seal the entire house and remove them out by hand. One CRUCIAL element that people have not stressed enough is that they are living on the ceilings and walls as well as in the furniture. Start with the ceilings when you clean and work your way down. Purchase space saver bags at Walmart. Add mothballs..make sure they are tightly sealed. You will notice a big difference just by putting your entire wardrobe into these bags. Purchase totes for everything in the house and seal them with duct tape or painters tape. Office: Purchase file totes and move ALL papers in the house into these totes. Remove any items that they might be able to possibly nest in. We are working on finding a refrigeration truck to move any additional furniture into for a few days to kill the mites. I have thrown out all of my furniture at this point and am refilling with all leather and plastic furniture. THERE IS NO SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THE BUGMARE! DO NOT BE LAZY OR YOU WILL NOT MAKE ANY HEADWAY ON THE PROBLEM. M


I recently came across your site. I have been dealing with this for almost 2 years. I have also been diagnosed with Lymes disease. The mites started after a bird nested on my family room window. Stupid me thought how awesome to watch the mother and small birds, drinking coffee before work…then the awful bites started. An exterminator told me that there were brown recluse in my house. After hundreds of dollars and no relief the exterminator put down glue traps. Very small almost microscopic bugs were all over them. He said they were bedbugs. Once again after throwing my bed away and spending more money, they were right back. The exterminator said there was no guarantee for bedbugs and charged me every treatment. I took the glue trap to the local extension office after losing faith with the exterminator. He said some type of mite not sure what. Then the bull’s-eye rash started. I almost lost my job; everyone treated me like a walking disease. I am a widow on very limited income. I started taking the food grade DE and kelp, also treated the house and outside with DE and delta dust, but they are still infested here. I have spent hundreds of dollars on antibiotic treatments and tests for the Lymes disease, hundreds of dollars for chemicals and extermination. I am still being bitten and seeing the mites. I have dealt with many things and managed to keep my faith and strength…Pray for me and let me know about any more solutions, but remember I am very poor. MF


We have made some major gains with these mites. One of the most important things to happen was the call I got from one of the doctors that I saw at the V.A. This was the day after we had our dogs put down. I was very upset and was feeling desperate. He confided to me: …”there is some type of mite that is doing this to people, but we don’t know if it’s coming from the birds or the squirrels.” He said all I could do is come to the hospital if I felt it had gotten worse or if I felt that I was starting to loose ground with the rash.

I have had this rash and itching for almost a year. I can’t go around my family and no one has been inside my house since May ‘ 06. The way I looked at it…..I have nothing to loose. I went on the attack. I discovered back in February 06 that these things are killed by straight Clorox. It has to be Clorox brand of bleach because the cheaper brands will burn the skin. Well, it was my husband who came up with the one cup per bath. He started putting one cup of Clorox into his bath water every night. His skin started getting clear. I was having such a hard time and he was getting better. So as of November 2, 2006 here is what we have been doing. Every night we bath in about 8 inches of water with one cup of Clorox in the water. When we get out of the bath we would dry off and touch each bite or new area of rash or itching with a q-tip dipped into straight Clorox. It only burns where the mites are. I found out that if there are no mites on the skin we could pour the straight Clorox over our skin and it would feel like nothing more than water….but if the mites are there the skin would turn red and a burning sensation would form and last for about 10 minutes. After the ten minutes the mites are dead. Clorox kills these things.

Okay, after we touch each spot with the straight Clorox we let that dry and then we cover our selves from head to toe with a product called Sulfur 8. I thought if it will work for horses it should work for me. This is so greasy that it is hard to stand but it’s better that those damn mites. Also, it has menthol in it and for about the first 30 minutes it makes us feel like we are freezing. We put that on us pretty thick including the scalp and we go to bed…I had a friend who called to wish us a Merry Christmas and as usual I ended up talking about this rash. She told me that she caught something like that this past summer after stocking her store shelves with new blue jeans that I think were made in China. She said that she put everything on that rash and nothing worked until out of desperation she found an old jar of Blue Star Ointment. She said she used that and over a few weeks the rash went away and she hasn’t had it since. So we added the Blue Star ointment on the 12 of December. As of the 27th of December our skin is now clear of bites. No rashes and best yet no itching…We have also used straight 2% iodine on the bite marks. The betadine solution only has 1% and doesn’t work. It has to be the 2 % iodine in the little bottles. This can be put on the scalp and will kill mites on the scalp just as well as the straight Clorox does on the skin….using the iodine on the scalp will keep women’s hair from falling out like it will with straight Clorox.

I burn four tea candles set on top of cup saucers turned upside down in each bedroom for 2 hours every night. At the same time I put one tea candle in each seat of my car. I set a timer and let them burn for the two hours. I’m trying to trick the mites into going for the warmth of the candles. I think it is working. As of Nov. 23 I feel no movement in the bed rooms after I lay down. No crawling sensations any more. I do switch bedrooms every 12 to 14 days. I live in a 4-bedroom house, which makes it easy to move often. I also have the carpets covered with 10% sevin dust. I vacuum this up every 3 days and put down more sevin. Our mattress is gently puffed down with the sevin. I put the 10% sevin in an old sock and I drop it on to the beds also in the cars. I vacuum and turn the mattresses every 3 days. If I had it do over again I would disassemble all my beds and sleep on those air mattresses. Those things can be put in to the shower stall and washed off every day.

We have clear skin. No movement sensations and no new bites. I still feel a little itchy on my scalp. I think it’s like my dogs ears. We could get the mites off their bodies but we couldn’t get them out of their ears. So I’m really hitting my hair and scalp hard. If I loose my hair I will just have to cope. I won’t stop until I feel nothing. Over the last 2 weeks I’m feeling less and less itchy so I guess they are dying out up there also…I will never stop looking for this darn bug. I want to know exactly what it was that turned my world upside down and took my little dogs from me. This is spreading and making people go through living hell. We just have to get to the bottom of this and one day we will…R


I moved to **** and have brought my hell with me. My car is infested. I had the Bugman come out and spray with bifenthrin and then fogged (I think with pyrethrin) … I got in my car 72 hours later and felt crawlies. I vacuumed my car with an industrial vacuum but that night I got mauled. They are in my windpipe and eyes and ears and nose. I feel like I am the host. Moving has not helped. I am so depressed I feel suicidal… I am more alone than when I was in ****. At least I had friends to help me… now I have no one to help me. I don’t even drive my car and I am losing my life. I don’t know how much longer I can live like this. I am scared every night and my new roommates probably think I am crazy. I have not told them about this and lie that my car is broken down…I am so depressed that I cannot function. My birthday was Christmas Eve and that was the worst night I have had since I moved. I got mauled that night…If you can think of anything please tell me. C

(Please keep this young lady in your prayers, as she is having a really hard time coping with this affliction…Administrator)


Just a note to let you know that I have been to so many dermatologists and a infectious disease specialist. The diagnosis was Delusional Parasitosis, which was incorrect. My husband was convinced that I was psychotic. I felt cheated from the medical world. When this skin rash started, I introduced a stray cat in my house who laid directly under my bird feeder. I developed an irritating rash on my neck, back, buttocks, and top of head. I treated my household environment with pesticides, which made me sicker. The bird mites infested my clothes, bed, exterior house and life.

I received answers from my local cooperative located in Harford County Maryland, hosted by University of Maryland. I spent thousands of dollars on medical treatments, medications, and veterinary care. My house is over 100 years old with problems in dampness and open areas in foundation. This web site has helped me deal with this infestation. I have utilized your resource to eradicate this infestation without poisonous chemicals. What a relief! My skin has improved greatly with the Ben Gay, alcohol, and shampoo. I have treated the house with Boric Acid, Moth Balls and Borax. The length of time I have been sick has been 29 months. Thank you so much for this information. MJ


It amazes me how little is known about this in the medical community as well as with the entomologists. I just heard from one entomologist that thought that I must have hives or a reaction to some chemical in my environment because he says that since I removed the birds nests, the mites should be gone…I get so tired of washing and wearing out clothes and linens. I have been sleeping under “space blankets” that are aluminum or mylar and I spray those with the listerine and witch hazel combination. I am going to try some of the Kleen Free enzyme cleaner to see if that will work as well. Bounce now has a lint roller and I take that to work with me during the day…My exterminator said that he was being bitten by mites and one day they just went away. But he mentioned that it only lasted a couple of weeks for him. This has been a couple of months for me. It is a tough battle but sure hope we can win this one! D.

(It is an astute comment about how little is known by entomologists and the medical community regarding bird mites affecting humans. It is as if people with this affliction have fallen into a crack with the ‘experts’; as entomologists do not study humans and medical personnel mainly study internal parasites not ectoparasites. Dermatologists, who should be cognizant of this affliction, often are not, possibly because it still is not a common problem, as far as statistics go. And busy medical practitioners do not always have the time to study the latest research. Nevertheless, the documented facts are: Avian mite dermatitis is documented in the medical literature, acaroid mites do survive on human blood, and bird mite infestation of humans occur throughout the world. And even when a proper diagnosis can be made, the sad fact remains that there are no clear-cut solutions…Administrator)


I am amazed at how many people are going through this from all over the country. It helps to know that there are others going through this even though we haven’t been able to get a handle on these critters. Had I known this would have happened, I never would have gone near those bird nests as I am sure many others are saying to themselves, too. I have been to several doctors and have talked to many people and unfortunately not everyone understands. I had one doctor tell me that even despite the bite marks on my skin that I was imagining all of this! If I can’t get relief, I may put all of my furniture in storage for a year or so, rent a room somewhere and then start over again after all the critters are gone. I don’t have kids and did have two parakeets but I have had them boarded ever since this nightmare began. D


I wanted to let you know what my husband and I have discovered. I was reading web sites and I came across a site where horses are now being covered with some type of mite. They said they had found that Sulfur cream worked the best. My husband and I went to the stores and we bought everything we could find with Sulfur in it. We found a product called “Sulfur 8” hair and scalp medicated conditioner. It has 2% Sulfur in it. We put this on us covering our bodies from head to toe. Within the first 6 hours I knew it was working. Three days later the mites that have plagued us for almost a year are gone. I was worried about my husband using the Sulfur 8 because he has an allergy to sulfur. He put it on and even after four days he has showed no reaction to the sulfur. I hardest thing about using this is that it is so greasy. Also for the first hour and a half it makes you feel like you are covered in menthol. We would put it on and go to bed, cover up and wait for the cooling sensation to go away. I still find it hard to believe that something this simple has worked better than any of the creams, lotions and poisons that we have used for almost a year. I hope this helps others who are suffering with the pain of living with mites on their skin. R


I had a normal night’s sleep last night– the first one in months! I will tell you exactly what I did. I don’t know what was the key but here it is. 1. We checked into a hotel last night. 2. I coated my dog’s ears in Aquaphor (which is like Vaseline) We got this at Costco. It is cheap. 3. I sprayed myself and my dog with Safe2use enzyme cleaneer before entering the hotel room 4. I bathed in epsom salts and Safe2use…bath first for 20 minutes then shower with lots of scrubbing. 5. Sprayed my entire body and head with Safe2use enzyme cleaner after getting out of the shower. 6. Then covered my body with Gold Bond Medicated Powder 7. I coated my entire private area in Aquaphor. I also coated my eyebrows, eyelashes, around my eyes, nostrils, lips and ears with Aquaphor. 8. We put dryer sheets under the sheet where our butts are and one in the pillow.

We had the 4th exterminator come yesterday. He put out glue boards and we did the thing with the IR light and pan of water. He wants to try to see what they are before doing anything. My problems with these mites just got really bad in the last 2 weeks…We have spent so much money on all this stuff. C.

Follow up: The PCO identified it as definite bird mites. They are coming over today to fog the house and everything. He says to have our dogs dipped. I got another great night’s sleep–same exact regimen but even in the same hotel room as the night before. C.


I am a 37 year old female. I have been plagued by a mite invisible to the naked eye for the last year and a half. This mite attacks my feet, legs, wrists and arms during the day and at night they also bite me on my back, neck and buttcrack. At night is when they are the most active. My cars are infested along with all the places in our home where I spend any time. At night they somehow, in spite of all my efforts, get in the bed and torture my sleep. There is no bite mark to observe, just a really itchy spot. Lately I have been forced to take a sleeping pill occasionally and when I do I awake with terribly itchy whelps. I assume that is because I am not brushing these things away because I am sleeping so heavily.

I lived for eight years in a rental house in the city. There was abundant wildlife (including cats) living under the house and in the attic and crawlspaces. We saw possums, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice and birds… Several times animals died in the attic. Then there was a massive construction project that dropped the elevated freeway 100 yards away from the house, and all the animals that lived under the freeway relocated into the nearby houses including mine. The problem intensified. I thought that we only had a bad flea infestation. We would poison for the fleas (professionally) and every time we poisoned, the problem did not go away, it almost seemed to worsen. I think we have removed the birds completely but I am not sure because no matter how many times the exterminator comes the problem never abates.

The only thing that seems to help a little is if I spray every thing (walls, ceilings, floors, beds and all surfaces) with boric acid water mist. I pushed the bed into the middle of the floor and taped up the legs of the frame. I have washed everything at a Laundromat with hot water detergent and borax and put every piece of fabric into clear plastic drum liners. I asked a friend to haul my mattress and box spring to the dump and instead he gave it to Katrina victims who were sleeping on the floor. They left it in the sun for a day, brought it inside and now are experiencing the same problems that I have. The van that was used to haul the box springs has infested and my friend has been itching.

Today I spoke with an urban entomologist who told me there was no such thing as what I describe, that I need to see a physician and that bird mites do not live in mattresses. Thanks for reading this and any info would be of help. L.

(It is unfortunate this entomologist had not done more research on D. Gallinae, before dispensing this advice. An acarologist or parasitologist is often a better resource for information regarding human infestation from mites…Administrator)


My husband & I have been dealing with this for almost a year. I’m using a lot of the things that are recommended for dust mites, i.e. pillow covers, blanket covers, laundry additive etc. We haven’t used them very long and I’m wondering if these covers are sufficient as a barrier, they say they have 2-10 micron pores. We have encased our mattresses in heavy plastic (WalMart paint section) with duct tape. I don’t sleep on any type of bedding except for an encased pillow. I sleep in a nylon “flight” suit. It’s warm like a sleeping bag, just easier to wash most everyday.

We’ve gone the Dr. route. They say it’s delusional parasitosis. One treated us for scabies. The 5% Permethrin cream treatment was good. It’s so expensive (and requires a prescription) I’ve made up my own cream with OTC 2.5% Permethrin (labled for outside bugs). It works pretty good, but I’m afraid of health problems if I use it every night. I have also applied “Frontline” (flea treatment for dogs) all over my body. I applied half of the weight treatment for dogs just to see what would happen. There were some side effects. Headache, “hot flashes”, but only for a couple of hours. Not sure if that’s such a good idea. At this point, I’m not willing to totally risk my health. I’m getting close though . . . This problem appears to be effecting alot of people. There are a couple of possibilities where we picked these up. We stayed in a motel that allowed pets. (We’ll never do that again) Felt the crawlies afterward . . . but they went away. We did have a bird’s nest outside our bedroom window for a couple of springs. I removed it when I trimmed the bush, but didn’t feel anything afterward. Where we think it happened was in a high school auditorium. We were sitting, watching a play and both of us felt them. We were there for about an hour, then left before it was over because we couldn’t stand it. That was last November and we’ve been struggling ever since. S


We have removed all our bird feeders. Placed tarps over the ground under the feeders. We have 140 pounds of Sevin pellets in our back yard and 100 pounds of Sevin pellets in the front. Dealing with the itch and biting on me and my husband was bad enough but I have two small dogs. A 5 year old Pekingese and a 13 year old Welsh Pembroke Corgi. 3 months after I developed the rash and itching my dogs started shaking their heads and itching. We are now well into $4,000.00 at the Vets. but the only thing that has helped them is something called “Revolution”. We have to apply it every 12 days. I was having to give my dogs benadryl so they could sleep but I haven’t had to give that to them in 5 weeks. They are into their 4th month on the Revolution. The mites seem to be harboring in the dogs ears. I have to use strong pesticides…I put one syringe full (3cc) of malathion in each ear once a week. I have sat for up to four hours just watching my dogs sleep. After going through the nightmare of watching them even scratch in their sleep it makes me feel good to know I have achieved a “restful” natural sleep for them.

I have fought this nightmare in every way I know how. The only things that have made any difference is the Sevin dust, spray and concentrate. Clorox in our bath water…one cup per tub full….plus we pour straight Clorox on us when we feel them or see the rash. We pour the Clorox on, rub it in, wait for the burn and then down in the water we go. Ammonia works the same way. My skin reacts worse than my husbands does. A funny thing that we have discovered. When we pour or place the Clorox on with cotton balls our skin turns red every where the mites are. The skin stays normal color where the mites aren’t. We use the ammonia and Clorox to “find” where the mites are. Then we hit that spot with sevin or the elimite cream. I can now sleep without taking benadryl. I’m almost hitting sixty years of age and I have never even taken a sleeping pill in my life but that benadryl was my best friend for about 4 months. I have had a very bad feeling for about a month. Thinking that I may never get rid of these biting mites. I live with the horrible thought of having to put my precious little dogs down. That has been the worst part. The thought of having to close their little eyes forever over a damn bug has kept me awake for many nights.

We are trying not to give up but it’s hard. I wish I could read just one person’s account of having successfully gotten rid of these things….that would give me hope, but as of yet I haven’t found one time where people say they have got rid of these. I’m trying to stay strong and not loose hope but it’s hard. Please remember me if you ever hear of anything that works and beats these things. R.


So sorry to hear that others are experiencing the same misery. My father and I have been plagued by itching, crawling, biting sensations since May when we had visible bird mites from a nest in the dormer outside. After that, we have had dozens of thrips in the basement and on the windowsills, although visible numbers of all bugs are decreasing. An ER doc diagnosed, without scraping, scabies and we both did permethrin cream, to little avail. One brother stayed with us and got it, another didn’t. Itching is usually worse at night, especially in bed, but sometimes is just as miserable, crawling sensations in hair, crotch, etc., during the day. I often worry about spreading it to friends and family when itching is at its worst.


I’m just a fellow animal mite sufferer, not an expert, but I do believe they travel with you on your body and your clothes (so would probably show up and increase in numbers in due time at your new location). I definitely seemed to have them living in my bedding also. What has helped me cut down on their numbers is throwing away my mattress and fluffy cotton mattress covers and buying a memory foam mattress which I encased in a plastic cover from Walmart. Covered the box spring too. I wash my sheets daily in Borax, wear my clothes once and then seal in a plastic bag with a twistie until I wash them in borax too. I bathe twice a day (using a sulfur soap for one of the bathings). Before I go to bed at night I spray the vinyl wrapped mattress with witch hazel, Listerine, water in a spray bottle and then put my fresh sheet on it. I’ve also tried using a sticky tape to remove ones from my body as I feel them. I’ve fogged the house and replaced carpeting. I’ve sprayed my car a lot but can only keep their numbers down if I keep on spraying it a lot. I wish I had an all plastic interior car with no carpeting! They still crawl on my scalp at night and run around my face. I get pin pricks and mosquito looking marks on my forearm insides and my ankles. Still haven’t found anything that helps my dogs much though. The mites can definitely reproduce somehow… I don’t know if it’s on my skin, or in cottony bedding / carpeting / upholstery. H


Just wanted to add to my experiences. I was at my son’s birthday party on Sunday and was talking to some people and they all started itching their arms and foreheads and noses. Really weird. There was a light shining through the window onto us and the stuff was flying like crazy, from me to them!!! Anyhow, I backed off the conversation and walked away because I got paranoid that they would see what was happening. I am really afraid now to be near my kids. When they try to hug me or jump on me I back off. They say “daddy don’t worry the bugs wont get us”. Its really funny, I sleep in the same bed as my wife and she seems to be not the least bit affected by this stuff. You know there’s only one person that knows about my problem besides my wife and kids and that is my father in law, he’s a wise old Cuban man from Havana. He says that people in Cuba have this stuff. He also says only certain people are targeted by these things. He totally believes it! E.


I also have been experiencing your exact same symptoms. It’s been going on 1-1/2 years now; I’ve moved 4x the last year. It’s been a living hell. I am finally working together with Dept of Agriculture and State Health Dept. I’ve postulated that it “could” be rodent/bird mites. I’ve prayed a TON, and felt like Job (old test). Now that I’ve found someone who’s willing to TRY to help me, I have more hope than before. I’m using tape (carton sealing). I’ve already thrown out everything but a few items. I’m waiting on God. Did you find out what it is and how to eradicate it? My 2 cats have also been afflicted horrifically. It’s been a bloom’n NIGHTMARE! I have no immune system (severe IgA deficiency). Just 2 months ago, I suddenly became very ill (while driving). I pulled over and vomited Black gunk that I perceived to be phlegm. I was flat out! The ER doctor said he saw “ulcers in the back of my throat.” I can be sitting and suddenly will feel as though I am being ripped to shreds by shredded glass on my skin. Then I will notice a lesion form on the area that feels like shredded glass (or fiberglass insulation). I carry w/ me all the time a thing of tape so that I can catch anything weird. Sure enough, we’ve found carpet beetles, larder beetles, mites (unknown) to say a few. I’ve also noticed with the help of a jewelers “loop” (magnifying glass), various shapes and consistencies. At least we’re making headway. Reading your testimony was like reading my own bio! Please help me if you can. Thanks so much.


My worst bird mite bites were the first 2 years, which were unbearable — I almost lost my mind. I held down my job, but it almost killed me. I was not, am still am not, in a position to move, although I see that as the only big help. I know it didn’t solve your problem.

The skin treatments I have found effective I have listed: Eurax, Bite Back, witch hazel, baking soda, alcohol, Mentholatum. Avon Skin so soft lotion and stick is helpful as a repellant. Cleaning solutions: bleach; d-limonene (orange cleaner.) Dry cleaning is good for clothes. Lint rollers are good, anything not named I have tried without good results. That includes Ivermectin, sulfur. I am amazed that the same treatments do not help everyone.

I have never been able to defeat the mites in the environment. I have had the house sprayed and bombed numerous times. It helped me to quit using sheets and pillowcases because they cannot be reliably disinfected. I slept on top of the comforter, and I periodically replace the comforter and especially the bed pillow. I have replaced two beds in the house (which helped a lot).I even tried replacing the carpets because hard flooring was too expensive (this helped only somewhat.)

I sleep with long pajamas and thick socks tucked into the pajama legs. If mites in socks or pajamas persist after washing in bleach, I discard them. I never walk bare footed of bare legged in the house or with any skin exposed except my arms. I don’t walk around in the dark, always turn the lights on in advance. This helps. Many other precautions, it is like living under siege. I am quite miserable about it. I know that you are too. I wonder if a good EENT doctor could help with your respiratory infestation. Have you tried? I don’t think they know anything about animal mites, but maybe some germ-killing medicine sprayed up your nose might kill them or drive them out. Hang in there, G


I have spent several nights till almost dawn researching how to get rid of these mites!!! It started in June when birds made a nest under my air conditioner in my bedroom window. I thought it was nice to wake up to the chirping of the baby birds. Little did I know the hell that would soon follow. I haven’t slept well in weeks. Went to the dr, did blood work, everything is ok. The weird part is that my kids aren’t bothered , thank God! Called 4 exterminators, they won’t even come out, they tell me they will die off within a month or so, well, its been almost 2 1/2 months and they are still alive. I talked to a specialist with the state who specializes in bugs. He too said they would die off without a bird host. Well, they are loving me. I have sprayed, fogged my room 3x, vacuumed. Although it does help to wash your clothes and I can’t keep them in my room anymore.

I’ve been sleeping on the couch for weeks and my clothes are piled in the living room. I’ve also tried lotion, DEET on my body, still they bite me. I recently went on vacation across the country and they must have been in my clothes because I still itched. I’m going to try everything I can. And I certainly sympathize with all of you going thru this. I mentioned it to a few people and I think they think I’m a little looney. I’m glad to know I’m not crazy. Many thanks again!!! S.


For over three years I’ve been chewed on by some kinds of mites. Life had been a living Hell. Been to a Dermatologist and a so-called expert in Agricultural Medicine and no one seems to know what’s going on. The Derm said I needed to take a nerve pill, and the Ag Doc casually examined me in about 10 seconds and said there was nothing there. I’m at me wits end. My house is full of some kind of mites. They are almost microscopic and believe me…I have a trained eye after all this time. There are times that they are so thick on my clothing that rubbing my hand across my pants feels like fine sandpaper. The small ones go right through my clothes and the ones that can’t get through, are on the surface of my clothes. When they get through, they bite with ferocity. They also get into my nose, ears, rear end and front and bite.

A few months ago, I had to get out…so I went to my parents. Now my poor disable mother has them and now I’m noticing that my son is showing signs of irritation around his ears and nose. My dad has allergies for the first time in his life, but I know that it’s the mites. No one in my family will acknowledge that there is a problem, even after my disabled mother complained that she was being bitten. My dad sent her to the doctor, but he was unable to find anything with a 5 minute inspection of her body. Now, my mother says she wishes she would simply die and get it over with…and there are times when I feel the same way. Every doctor we have seen says we have parasitosis…That is a lie…I know when something is biting me and especially when I can see them with a magnifying glass and microscope. We have sent samples to the local farm extension service and they have acknowledged the samples but insist that it’s still in our heads…So…life is not life and we have no way out, it seems…If there is anyone who can offer something concrete before this becomes an epidemic, I’m begging for help. Where I work, there are also signs that others are becoming infected with this, but it seems to take months for the mite population to manifest to irritation. I don’t think it’s scabies, cause there is no redness or sores…only biting and itching. S.


I cannot believe someone is finally telling our story. We have been battling these invisible demons for 4 years!. We have paid professionals to come in three times and they just say if you can’t see them, you must be imagining them! They have sprayed three different cocktails but they only calm down for a little while and are back. We have thrown away all of our furniture. (my husband actually burned them in our back yard the neighbors think we are nuts!) WE have boiled everything!!!! Several times that brings relief for a few days but then they are back again! We have sprayed and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals. It’s a wonder we aren’t dead from that!. We are exhausted. As we speak, the new furniture we bought after we thought we got rid of the buggers is out on our porch hoping for a freeze tonight. Our mattress is out in the back yard. How can this happen? WE have one cat and we are clean people. What is the solution? Will we live with this forever? I will try the mothballs asap. How long do they have to stay in there? And what do we do about the mattress? Thanks for helping me not feel like we are so crazy!: R


Was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I live in NYC and recently found out that pigeon mites had infested my room. To make a long story short, I destroyed and cleaned the nest, put up spikes to prevent the suckers from building a new one, stripped my room bare, got an exterminator to spray, vacuumed for week with a Dyson (and cleaned it out), and finally moved back into my room after two weeks. Now, I’m waking up and feeling as if bugs are crawling and biting me constantly. I have marks on my body, but I not sure if they are bite marks or scratch marks I made inadvertently in my sleep. My skin is flaking and I’m feeling pin pricks, but I’m not seeing anything. Am I losing it? Please help


I am nearing a break down and feel completely alone in the human world. I have been battling these #$^&*& bird mites?- for months now. I am so discouraged and truly afraid. I already have an unreasonable aversion to bugs–and to have them constantly stalking me is too much. My cat can see these things and is watching above my head and in certain places in the house with a terrified look- he no longer comes in unless he’s really hungry. I cannot sleep here any longer and am in the process of moving(now). I don’t have $ to get an hotel for any length of time and I have no other sleeping options. These wretched creatures are traveling with me. This is awful. I have tried just about everything and I am beyond discouraged. Two things that seem to help–outside of constant cleaning are-the vinegar/alcohol mix and lavender oil slathered all over me-even in my hair. Thank you for reading–if you are here- you know that it is not something that one can talk about. I need to be in my house a lot preparing to move-it is my only job right now. Please I implore you-can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks, P.

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"If someone would have told me a bird mite affliction could happen to a person, I would probably not have believed them. Except that it has happened to me and it is the worst torment a person can endure." T.

"The prayers sent to God are often answered in the kindness of strangers."