Bird Mite Treatment Protocol

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Bird Mite Treatment Protocol

The following treatment protocol was developed from feedback by people like you, who have emailed us with suggestions of products that have worked for them. There is no perfect formula to kill bird mites, and some products seem to work better for some people than others. But every month we do get letters from readers that tell us they were able to eliminate the bird mites from their lives. Some suffered for years, others we able to get rid of the bird mites in just weeks. This treatment protocol is based upon what has worked for others, and there is no guarantee that it will work for you. But we hope so!!!

We feel it’s important to do all of this all at the same time to stop your mite infestation. You don’t want to kill most of the mites using one product, then find a week or two later that they are back. Hit them hard all at once with everything and hopefully they will all be eradicated. Product links are included for those that were consistently recommended. Here is what we found:

Step One:

Before anything else, the most important thing you must do is have a pest control company that specializes in bird mites treat your home. Don’t use just any pest control company, as treating bird mites can be difficult. Follow this link for our recommended list of local pest control companies that have experience with bird mites. They will give you a free initial home inspection to confirm if you have bird mites, and then go over your treatment options

Permethrin Cream:

Permethrin creams did seem to help keep them off of us while we had it on. However it made us feel sick especially after over-use but helped for a while. Some people think that it makes the mites mutate and the cream is not effective after a while. They may be right.


Several people reported that oral ivermectin (3 tables, 3mg ea) once a week over a 3 week period helped to eliminate symptoms along with everything else we outlined here. This medication, which is a strong antiparasitic agent, is available by prescription only and may not be safe for children.

10% Sulfur Cream:

It works for really well for spotty flair ups. Naturasil makes one for scabies that works well. It is a little expensive but worth it. Here is a link to the Naturasil Website where you can order it.

10% Sulfur Soap:

Also available from Naturasil. It works well during the bathing process.


Windex works at least to kill them or drive them back somewhat. You can’t use it on the skin, but everywhere else is fine.

Skin Enzyme Cleaner:

This products works very well and helps to exfoliate and refresh the skin. Use as directed, here is a link to the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser.

Bed Bug Patrol Natural Bed Bug Killer:

This natural bed bug killer was used to create a perimeter around our bed at night which was quite effective at keeping at least the ones that are not in our bed at bay at night. Follow this link to learn more about Bed Bug Patrol.

Stop Eating Sugar

The buggers like sugar in your system and we don’t want them to like us! It may be hard but worth the effort.

Candida or Yeast Infection

People have been linked to mites and Candida albicans or yeast infection that is systemic in your body. Candida emits some type of odor the mites can smell. It is not just in women, and you do not have to have symptoms of it to have it in your body. Take either drugs (antibiotics specific to it) or food supplements to kill off this harmful yeast in your system. A good natural food supplement is Candida Cleanse by Purely Holistic. We like it for both men and women.

Immune System Booster

Some people who have had problems with these invisible biting mites also have immune system problems and may not even be aware of it. I believe that these mites are attracted to certain people, and some may attract them way more than others by having a low immune system which must put off some odorless signal to the mites.. Those people really need to focus along with the family on eating right, and taking an immune booster. There is one called Immune Renew that a few readers recommended.

MSM Supplements:

It is has been documented to get on MSM supplements. Several brands are available on Why it works, I am not sure but it has sulfur which has been known to drive them out from the inside out. Generally 1000mg plus per day.

Odorless Garlic:

Take it same as MSM. Not sure why but do it!

Pomegranate Extract and Ellagic Active food supplements have been known to help. Again, why I don’t know but I take it anyway. It does help!

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar:

Take 3-4 tablespoons full per day in juice. Pills are also sold over the counter if you can not drink it in juice. Again no science behind why it helps but it does.


20 Mule Team Borax available online or at your grocery store in the laundry isle. Wash floors and clothes in it. It is a borate that eats through the mites outer shell layer.

Dirty clothes in trash bags.


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Possibly the Most Important Thing You Can Do!! Use a HEPA rated machine, a few readers recommended the Electrolux EL4012A Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It has an extra-long cord, very strong suction, is a bagged system for easy disposal (you definitely don’t want a bagless vacuum), and it’s very light which is important for getting to those ceiling corners.

If you don’t mind paying more, Miele makes the best vacuums on the market. Extra strong suction, Telescoping Wands for hard to reach places, extremely lightweight, designed to go flat under baseboards, low under furniture, tight into corners, etc. You can review the all the different Miele Vacuums on Remember you get what you pay for.


Get Premium Mattress Covers with a zipper and seal up your mattress. Spray it with Windex several times during the day and pull your bed away from the wall. Some people have to throw away their mattress and get an air mattress until the mites are gone. The mattress covers are easy to clean. High quality ones are available at Naturasil.

What Did Not Work?

Enzyme cleaners
All Stop Products


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"If someone would have told me a bird mite affliction could happen to a person, I would probably not have believed them. Except that it has happened to me and it is the worst torment a person can endure." T.

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